Monday, May 10, 2010

Matching Legwarmers!?

I finally did it!
Matching legwarmers for Ella and I to perfectly suit the coming Spring weather -- they'll keep us warm, without that bundled up winter feeling. :)

The baby leggings were made using that pattern I used last time.
And the adult-sized one were one I just sorta concocted from logic and experience.
Using size 7 needles and COing on 60 stitches, it starts with 2 inches of 2k2p ribbing, and then goes the rest of the shin in basic stockinette, ending in another inch of 2k2p ribbing.
The end.
I also wove some green ribbon through the top ribbing because it wasn't as grabby as I'd wanted, and this helps them stay up. While adding yet more touch of color ;)
Now to work on some presents for other folks finally!
Enjoy the beautiful spring weather, all ya'll and happy knitting too!