Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas 2011 Crafting

Hello all!
That does it. We are officially in December now, and that means Holiday Spirit is in the hizouse~!! ☆
And the thrifty way we like to bring that colorful, lively spirit into the home is through DIY projects!

The family table this morning.
First thing's first, our Christmas tree has been revived. This time, with boughs from three different kinds of trees -- douglas fir, blue spruce, and balsam fir!
We're still in the process of trimming it, but what's new this year is crafting actual individual ornaments:

This year's ornament theme: things we love! Hence Ariel...

Made out of a pizza box and old paints. Not too shabby~!

If you've been listening to Kool 99.1 and its 24/7 Christmas line-up, you've probably heard the song "Christmas in the Northwest" by Brenda Kutz White which sums up quite nicely how green it can be up here during the holiday season. Having grown up in upstate New York, I get to missing snow and the classic "White Christmas"...hence homemade paper snowflakes!!

Including the elusive rainbow snowflake!
I must recommend this link for the clearest and most effective paper snowflake instructions.
I hope they work just as well for you and you fill your windows with these pretty crystal homages~!!

Last but not least is a little DIY Christmas bunting~

Wow, those are some sad grape vines outside...
 Next on our list is:
- string popcorn garland while watching Miracle on 34th Street
- craft more and bigger snowflakes!!
- knit up all the gifts on my Christmas To Give list...oh, that reminds me!

So, this year we are officially subscribing to the "$100 Limit Christmas" idea that more and more people seem to be adopting. I think I first read about it on the "Center for a New American Dream" site and having rechecked it recently, they also have this great "Simplify the Holidays Challenge" that you can pledge to. They offer great ideas that curb consumerism and save you money too!

Aaaanyway, that being said, we are looking to accomplish this $100 limit through lots of homemade gifts ranging from baked goods to knit items, and the ever-important intangible things like offering our time and whatnot.

Care to join me?
Let me know what some of your money-saving/anti-consumerism plans are!
Until then, take care, stay warm, and Happy Holiday Spirit!!