Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knitting Goals

I think it'd be a good idea to record here one of my 2010 goals which is to knit at least one thing a month.
Since I learned how to knit back in November, I've luckily fulfilled that goal as you can see below:

November = orange scarf for Daddy
December = pink scarf for Kathy
January = baby leg warmers for Ella, Douzen, and Maia
February = scarf + wrist warmers for Geo

Oh! And they're all gifts for others too! I didn't even realize that. :)
Now, to keep it up and maybe even make more than one thing a month!
I actually have two projects going on right now:

- wool diaper cover (soaker) for Ella
- washcloths for the home & friends

These are different than the usual fare since they involve wool and cloth which I've never knit with before! I love it so far, and can't wait to take advantage of the absorbency that these materials so excel at. ;)

Well! Until then!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting for Geo~

My little, Georgie, brother is turning 22 next month, so I got a head-start to make him a birthday present!

Presenting the Spanish-themed scarf + wrist warmers!!
We're all 1/2 Spanish thanks to my Castillian madre, and Georgie has exceptional pride in his roots -- as you can see above. ;)

Since he lives in Boston, and it's chilly-bon-billy there, I figured why not let him stay warmer longer? Especially since he'll be leaving for a three-year contract with the Peace Corps to Africa come September!! I doubt he'll get much use of this set of wintery accessories there, but at least he will be warm for the rest of his Boston stay. :)

And since he's turning 22, I made the scarf (a simple garter stitch) 22 stitches across, like I did with Kathy's pink scarf (25 stitches for her 25 years).
And as for the wrist warmers, I made the yellow stripe 7 rows long -- lucky 7!!
I know...pretty corny... ;)

I'd originally planned on knitting him a hat, but for some reason circular needles still evade me!! ;_; Hopefully, I'll get the hang of it eventually...

Well! In the meanwhile, Georgie is happy with his new present and that makes me happy too. :)

I love you, Georgie!! Stay warm there in Boston and we can't wait to see youuuu!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crawling progress

It feels like a while since I've made any updates about Ella Rose, so this post is devoted to her!
Yesterday, February 1st, she turned ten months old and she is a very different girl since her six-month birthday post back in October.
Since she first started crawling, back in October, we made it a point to introduce her to the stairs to build some more muscle and to be familiar with how to handle them.
But it wasn't until she was about 9.5 months old that she finally understood how to descend the stairs too!
So here is a bit of footage honoring her ability to go both up and down the fastest/smoothest way she's capable of now. :)

To all her family and friends, enjoy!!

Oh! She's also officially a "wobbler" now, taking steps that transverse as many as 7 or so feet~?
She's got a ways to go, but we're loving her beautiful efforts to mimic Mama and Daddy :)
'Til then!!