Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day -- to Kae!!

Happy Mother's Day~
To all the lovely ladies who give their lives to their families to give them the best of everything, physically and emotionally!

And to one mother I know who is the epitome of a mother who really gives her whole self to her beautiful family. My incredible friend, Kae. ♡
Between engaging darling Douzen all the time to make him one of the brightest children I know, to taking care of the household in all its realms to make it as clean and comfortable for her family, she still finds time to bake the most incredible dishes I've ever seen.
Like this beauty:

How sweet (pun!) of her to bake this masterpiece for my birthday -- patiently waiting until we were back from our trip East and settled down, and then giving it to me on Mother's Day to top it all off! :) It really made my day, to say the least. What a sweetheart! (more puns!!)

Not ten minutes after she left, I had to have a taste and look what's inside too!:

Strawberries on top and inside?! She is too good to us, I swear!

Much love to you, Kae, and many many thank-you's for the Soule Mama book too!!
Hopefully, I will be able to make something for you from the book very soon ;)

Until then, Happy Mother's Day once again and take care to all~!