Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spa Fashion Show!

Okay, so this was actually a couple weeks ago, but I only just now got around to doing a post about it -- sorry!

So! Saturday, September 18, The Epic Day Spa in Corvallis celebrated their One Year Anniversary with a fashion show!!!
And since Celeste is one of the administrative directors there, I got (happily) roped into being a model for it :)

Even though Celeste kept insisting I was doing them a huge favor...I felt like I was the one getting the favor! For the week prior to the big event, I got my hair dyed, my nails painted, my eyebrows shaped...and all for free! I felt so pampered and girled-out~ For the first time wedding!!?

Then, the day of the event, I got my hair and make-up done, and got to model clothes from the local consignment shop, Second Glance. All in all, I rocked a Mad Men-esque retro sexy office worker. I loved the bright red lipstick, beehive hair, and plaid jacket.

That's me in the pedicure section of the spa. Doesn't it have the most beautiful interior design? And, yes, those are rose petals floating in the bath water...siiiiigh~

As you can see, Ella Rose was there too!

They also had the most killer food which I wish I had photos of...but oh well!
For the record, these are who did me up:

- dye job = awesome Alicia
- nails + eyebrows = magical Michelle
- make-up + hair-do = noteworthy Nicole

A fabulous team in all and I will definitely be going there to book any future grooming needs! :)

Ta-ta for now, and happy modeling~!