Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Year's Resolution Fulfilled

Do you like to make New Year's Resolutions?
I do.
In fact, I take them very seriously and make a checklist out of them that I refer to throughout the year to make sure I stay on top of them.
I'm happy to say that my New Year's Resolutions for 2009 were as follows and fulfilled rather early in the year:

[x] get pre-pregnancy body back
[x] raise happy and healthy baby
[x] get out of the house regularly
[x] get last name officially changed
[x] get comfortable driving the Prius
[ ] stretch every day
[ ] make something for my baby

As you can see, was missing just two things...
But today I'm proud to say I accomplished one of them!
Introducing, Ella's new legwarmers!!

I got the pattern from I Knit, That's It and am so thankful for the super easy pattern and versatility! It was also the first time I used Daddy's size 5 bamboo needles and was pleasantly surprised at how good they felt! Nice and smooth with just enough grip~
Perfect for keeping Ella warm, while also making it easier for upcoming potty training!!!
I'll definitely post the future pairs of this that I make too. ;)
'Til then!!

I love December

:: Christmas songs.
:: Baked goods.
:: Fires in the fireplaces.
:: Thinking about loved ones...

And thinking of creative ways to both celebrate the holidays but still keep my basic waste-free, environmentally conscience values.
So, say hello to our tree this year!

After Daddy's new (made in the USA!) bicycle came in from Worksman Cycles Factory, we had a big old cardboard box we didn't know what to do with.
So Daddy came up with the brilliant idea of repurposing it into this year's Christmas tree!
Standing at a whopping 1'3", our tree is made of the following elements:

:: thrifted dowel makes up the trunk

:: cardboard box gave us the tree and branches

:: scraps of yarn were turned into bows and "tinsel"

:: silver and green paints saved over the years gave us that extra color

:: chocolate kisses give us ornaments as well as a tasty treat now and then ;)

I love my husband and the holiday spirit and an environmentally gentle alternative to killing a tree or buying an artificial one. I hope this little guy lasts through the years and we can add more and more to him.

Stay warm and happy holidays to you~