Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spain Recapped

Hello again~!

This post is coming from you stateside!
I'm going to make this post about my impressions of Spain, now that I am back, what I loved most, what I will not miss, and some favorite photos and videos that I hadn't featured here before:

Here we go!

(1) Things Learned

Okay, so this was definitely a summer of learning.
All in all, I'd say that I learned the following:

- how to read Catalan! Somewhat... At least, I was able to decipher signs and the stories in children's books ;)

- how to juggle! As seen here.

- how to properly shuffle playing cards. Thank you, Abuela!!

- about my family, mostly my prima Andrea. Because of our 6-year age difference, she'd always been too young to really hang out with as a child. But now that we are both adults, we really bonded and have a lot in common. I loved getting to know her better!!
But I also got to know my aunt Chita better, like as a whole person. I really loved it~

- how Spanish society works, more or less~ Most of my previous trips to Spain had been when I was young and simply being taken care of by my parents or older relatives. But as an adult, I got to experience the daily trappings to Spanish life, and also learn about the political and social climate.

The rest of the family learned a lot, too!!

- Ella learned how to knit and how to swim!

- Both kids learned a good deal of Spanish. They didn't get as "fluent" as I had hoped, but I know that they have a good foundation.

- Dash learned a lot of Spanish, and got to learn about Italy from his trip.

(2) Things I Will Miss

- the great parks!

- my family~

- affordable food!!!!

- cultural landmarks just a short tram ride away

- the beaches

- the view from my aunt's window

- easy access to the pool!

- getting to go outside in a tank top at all hours

- all the beautiful healthy people! And that Spanish "look" that you just can't beat ;)

(3) Things I Will Not Miss

- most stores being closed Sundays, 2pm-5pm, and the whole month of August @_@

- prevalence of smoking everywhere

- oppressively hot days

(4) Noteworthy Videos

- the panoramic view offered from Bunker Carmel:

 Apparently, it's pretty amazing at night too!

- William enjoying the doorway swing Chita put back up from when her own kids where his size :)

With improv safety belt, too!

(5) Favorite Photos

This kitchen!!! Many an hour spent here working, eating, and and gazing out the window~

Garaf Beach! Such a gem!

At Montserrat. Don't we look tanned~!

Ella and Aba with the incredible backdrop of Montserrat

Wow, I actually got BOTH kids to look at the camera simultaneously. Victory!!
There are many many more on my phone, too, but I can't find it right now and I don't want to wake everybody up with my searching for it, so that will have to wait for another day!!

In the meanwhile, we will be busy busy here in Corvallis. We really hit the ground running since first getting home: Already had two playdates, a dentist's appointment for Ella, and Kumoricon starts tomorrow!

Til then, take care and Happy Spain Recapped!!