Sunday, January 1, 2012

Knits of 2011

I love knitting just as much (if not more!) as when I started.
And I'm happy to say that in 2011 I accomplished two "major" achievements in knitting.
Firstly, knitting in the round on double pointed needles. Yesssss!!
And secondly, was the duplicate stitch, which I've posted about already. ;)

Now to show you the rundown of everything I knit, both those shown on this blog before and those not. Here goes (blog entries first, followed by never-before-seen photos)!!

- potscrubber
- my armwarmers
- wool soaker
- USC convertible mits
- Clara mittens
- rainbow bra

Now for photos!!

Purple mittens for Ella!

Ariel mittens for Ella...out of commission now due to small size

Rainbow mittens for Ella...did not last long ;_;
A purple tail for Barbie whipped up over the holidays

And now for the ones I have yet to get photos of...
- Shannon's armwarmers
- three phallic chapstick cozies
- rainbow legwarmers for Katie
- Emma's handwarmers
- Moses' mittens
- Elizabeth's convertible mits

Yay!! I kept up the knitting pretty well, all things considered.
And oh so many mittens!!!!!! :D

I just can't wait to keep knitting on into 2012!
First project on my to-do list = socks for Dash!!
He's been asking for socks for months now, and I finally have the confidence to start them (I think!!)
Then I'm supposed to knit some Rapunzel hair for Ella. @_@ That is gonna be interesting~~!

Well, thanks for following along and until I see you again...
Happy Knitting~!!!

2012 New Year's Resolutions

Yahoo! It's the new year! And the last year (possibly...I kid. Or do I? ;) )
Anyway, I am going to review my resolutions from last year and see show you what I have lined up for 2012. Here goes!

2011 Resolutions:
[ ] jog every other day
[x] raise chickens in the backyard
[x] knit at least one thing a month
[x] get involved in the local community more (volunteering, etc)
[ ] insulate the house
[x] establish a thriving worm bin
[x] reduce waste in our lives more
[ ] create a stained glass masterpiece
[x] try a new recipe at least once a week
[x] only eat dessert/drink alcohol for special occasions
[x] get Ella to sleep in her own bed, on her own

Not too shabby!! :D
Now, before I go on, I'd like to talk about why some of the items on the list weren't completed. Here goes:
[ ] jog every other day --- that lasted for all of 3
[ ] insulate the house --- I had Dash look into it for our floors using fiber glass but it was a definite no-go. Either we alter our plans, hire a professional, or quit the whole idea. Will keep you posted on that.
[ ] create a stained glass masterpiece --- I am happy to say that I actually did dig out my stained glass supplies last month for Christmas presents (post coming soon, I swear!) but nothing that I'd call a "masterpiece"

And here are my resolutions for this year!

2012 Resolutions:
[ ] keep up on the news
[ ] get more green plants in the house
[ ] get pre-pregnancy body back (and then some)
[ ] read one survival-related book a month
[ ] watch one survival-related movie a month
[ ] "beautify" the upstairs (curtains, etc)
[ ] master the cable technique in knitting
[ ] knit something for the baby
[ ] wear scarf-shawls more regularly
[ ] establish more community
[ ] get Ella to sleep on her own (for real)

As you can see, a lot of my goals have to do with preparation for something possibly happening on 12/21/12, because I am getting the vibe that things are coming to a head and cannot keep going on the way they have been. Aren't you getting that same vibe? I like to think I'm not the only one who thinks that...
Also, a lot of "nesting" related goals, in preparation of the newest arrival to the family. Gotta get more pure air in here with those plants~!!

Well, I am going to pin up this list of resolutions above my desk where I can see it everyday, and if you have goals in mind too, I suggest you do the same. It's the way to go!! :)

Until then, Happy New Year!!!! ♡