Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Great Spring Break

Howdy, all!

What a week it's been.
It's been Spring Break and even though I only have a preschooler and kindergartener, it's a huge difference not having to wake up at any time in particular nor do any driving to get them to/from school. Phew!

It's been a beautiful combo of leisure and productivity. For example, I've been playing a lot of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. Loving iiiiit!!! ♡♡♡

We also did our taxes (early, for once!) and did some major work on our backyard (finally!)
There are also some major developments happening with our house in general which I will share at a later date, when things are truly truly concrete about it. Sssh, I'm not telling now. But look forward to it!!

Also, on Saturday, we celebrated two birthdays!
It was Dash's 43rd birthday. So the two of us went out for sushi and pie in the evening. We reflected over what a glorious year it has been, how much stronger our relationship is feeling, and how excited we are for all the good things coming our way. I love my husband and our life so much~!!!

Earlier that day, we celebrated Ella 6th birthday, even though she doesn't really turn six until Wednesday.

It was a sweet affair, with just five close kiddo friends, a loose "castle" theme, healthy snacks, easy but beautiful crafts, and outdoor "theatre" time.

Indoor picnic style. We made those little tiered "princess" serving trays ourselves :)
Making wands. Some of the materials used were from when I was in 8th grade!!

It was also very sweet in that the only thing Ella wanted in terms of gifts was flowers that we could plant in our garden. We got some lovely Dahlias and a beautiful potted arrangement too. Thank you, everyone, to come celebrate with us. We love you all!!!!! ♡

Here we are on our last day of Spring Break, Sunday.
The morning started with the usual church service, then we went to a teeny tiny Gem & Mineral Show in Sweet Home. It was such a generous scene, with friendly faces everywhere, and the kids even got to get their own geodes and see them get cracked open with this nifty machine!!

It was then while I was reading more Redwall to Ella earlier tonight...that her first loose tooth finally came free!!!

Showing the gap

The first tooth!!!
My little girl really is growing up in so many ways!!!
On that note, she is really taking to Redwall the way I did when I first read it in middle school and I love how rich a vocabulary in it is. Tonight she learned "civility", "trepidation", "predicament", and "indignity" for starters ;)

What a great way to wrap up Spring Break!
I haven't mentioned much about William so, here is a shot of him looking beautiful and on his best behavior ;)


I hope you all enjoyed your Spring Break and are looking forward to more springtime weather and a good workweek. I know I am!!

Until next time, take care and Happy Great Spring Breaks!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beautiful Flowers

Hey, all!

Just bopping in really quick with a entry to feature some of the pretty flowers in my life: