Thursday, March 5, 2015

William on Two Wheels...For Reals!!

Hi, all!

So we've been having some wonderful weather these days.
That means the kids have finally been getting back on their bikes...and with big results!

Back in September, right around Car Free Day, William got the knack of riding a two-wheeler and could cruise around quite well...except when it came to stopping. His way of dealing with that was just crashing into things (sometimes people!) which did not often go over well...

But now that he's a little taller, he can manage really well on his own!
He needs a little help at the start, but can pedal, steer, cruise, apply brakes, come to a complete stop, and dismount. Yahoo!!

Here is some video evidence for you:

I'm not about to have him join me on the street or anything, but speed walking to keep up with him has made our jaunts to the library that much quicker! And is a welcome form of exercise :)

And if you noticed his little pink gloves, it's because he likes to wear Ella's gardening gloves for better grip and to protect them in case he falls over. Clever boy! :D

Well, that is all for now~
I hope you've been out enjoying the sunshine, and have safe rides on your bicycles!!

Til next time, take care and Happy William on Two Wheels...For Reals!!

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