Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First Egg!!

Another blog about new life! :)
I know, I know -- shouldn't I be starting with a post about introducing the chickens we have and have had since April??
Well, it's coming. Trust me. But I just didn't wanna let the chicken outta the bag until they had started laying.
Which just started today!! :)

Look for a new post about chickens in all their glory soon~!!

Until then, Happy Egg-Finding!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soakers Return

Hello again, everyone!
I've been absent for three weeks and this post may clue you in as to why ;)

Some of you may remember the wool soaker for Ella Rose back in this post.
It wasn't my proudest knitting moment, but it did inspire me to improve me skill and pursue more such homemade wool soakers for child number two.
And so I present to you:

0-8 month size
That's right!
This is the first what will hopefully be a collection prepared for the newest addition to our family, due April 2012. I know, another April baby!! ♡♡♡
A little later than Ella Rose (April 1st), and I'm hoping for either April 20th (4/20, heh) or April 22nd (Earth Day)!

I had originally acquired this wool yarn from my friend, Beth, with the intention of knitting wool soakers for my neighbor, who is pregnant -- what a surprise when I learned I was a mere 10 weeks behind her!! So instead of knitting them for her, I am knitting them with her! It'll be fun to go on this knitting-pregnancy journey together with her.

Well, I will be posting about progress of the pregnancy, the birth plan, and all that good stuff in due time ;)

Until then, Happy Knitting all!!