Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ella Swimming

Hello, hello!

Man, today was a gray-rainy day... LOVED IT!!
All it really meant was a lot of loafing about the apartment, engaging in small craft projects with the kiddos but nothing major.
And then around 5pm, when the clouds started to part just a little, Ella got the notion that she wanted to go swimming @_@

So we hit up the pool, only to find it utterly and completely deserted, though technically still open!
Ella was the only brave soul who felt the need to swim in freezing cold water. BRR!

But it really did turn out to be a great opportunity to finally give you some photo-video proof of Ella's swimming transformation.
As you all know, I'm sure, Ella Rose has always been a bit of a cat when it comes to water -- hated baths, refused to go in any deeper than the steps at the pool, etc etc.

But this summer she has gone from being a cat to being a fish!!

Firstly, a photo of the pool in all its glory:

And to think we used to be trapped to just the baby pool (far left) back in June :)

It's a pretty great pool for kiddos because it honestly doesn't get any deeper than about 5'.
So yeah, pretty terrible if you want to get any real swimming in. Not to mention those delineated lines are not a permanent feature, so swimming laps is only a rare treat.

Still, all in all, I have this pool (just a 2 minute walk down the hill from Chita's apartment!) to thank for the following:

One of her newest tricks: doing a complete somersault in the water!

And then there's the basics:

So, yep!
Overall,  feel that Ella has finally reached the level that I would be comfortable with her being randomly tossed into the deep end of a pool or any body of water, for that matter.
And all without lessons! Buyaaaaa! :D

I hope you and yours are enjoying a fun (and safe!) swimmy time this summer. <3 p="">
'Til next time, take care and Happy Ella Swimming!!

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