Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rainbows in Spain

Hello again!

So this is a silly little post but one that I wanted to do so that I can reminisce about it in the future.

As you all may have already figured out, I absolutely adore them.
I like to wear them on my person when I can, am automatically attracted to anything with a rainbow-pattern, and get all giddy when I spot them in the sky!

Though I haven't seen any natural atmospheric rainbows here in Spain, I make sure to always carry a rainbow around on me -- in the form of my old friend, my rainbow purse.

Now with magic rainbow nail action!!
I believe I picked up this beauty when I came to work in Spain as a teenager.
Since then, I've added lots of buttons, and other decorations that are significant to me in some way.
For starters, that big warning you see in the middle of my purse is something I picked up in Japan that reads: 何があっても泣きません
Which means "No matter what, I won't cry."

Which is a bit of a lie, because I am all about the tears~
People tend to think that it's a more powerful message against oil or something, since that's what the teardrop looks like. But alas, it is just my silly little mantra.
I recall Kathy-neechan got one very similar in Japan too that had a red line across a bottle, saying something akin to "I'm going to stop overdrinking" -- also a lie... (cue comedic snare and cymbal hit) 

Anyhoozers, I also had the good fortune of getting my nails painted in rainbow order by Andreita so now I match my purse no matter what I'm wear. Ha! :D

Well, that is all for now.
Not the most ground-shattered post, but one that I still hold near my heart.
I'm going to head out soon with the children to see the inside of Sagrada Familia, so look forward to a post about that, yeah? ;)

Til then, take care and Happy Rainbows in Spain!!

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