Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wee Bit o' Crafting

Howdy hey!

So it's a little cooler today than it has been others.
Fairly overcast with rain in the forecast, and yet for some reason it still feels sticky and hot. >_<

Dash got in at 1am this morning, so he's pretty pooped but has already told us about his impressions of Italy -- sounds like a place we will definitely have to visit in the future. Preferably in the off-season, though, as it was swarming with tourists and stiflingly hot.

Again, I'm glad of our decision to let him go solo and forgo trying to bring the kids, since he saw many an instance of families with absolutely melting children. So there you go ;)

Crazy to think that there's only about 20 days left of our stay here in EspaƱa.
I'm almost starting to wonder if I'm experiencing "too much of a good thing" because I am starting to yearn for Corvallis again. @_@
At the very start of our vacation here, I told Dash how free I felt of all the usual obligations I have at Corvallis...and now I'm starting to miss those very same obligations! Crazy!
Same with the weather -- for all my griping during the cooler months, I am fantasizing about falling leaves, cool evenings, and snow~

I think part of the homesickness is missing my usual routine of trying to figure out solutions to my needs through thrift, DIY, Gift Economy, etc. Haven't had much need to because of not being in our real home, and always having to be mindful that we're going to have to pack up all our stuff and head home sooner or later anyway.

That being said, I have managed to squeeze in a couple of little "projects" that have been enjoyable.
And I'll share them with you here.

(1) Knitted Washcloths
I had the foresight to bring a set of knitting needles and skeins of cotton yarn to make, you guessed it, wash cloths!!! They're how I show my gratitude, I like to think. ;)
I've only been able to find one place that sells (slightly overpriced!) cotton wool in the thickness I am looking for, but I gotta say it does feel silky smooth~

Tried 'n' true

(2) Embroidered Shoes
Ella Rose only brought one pair of shoes for the entire summer, a pair of flip-flops, so I bought her a pair of canvas shoes at a local second-hand shop. Sastrinyols foreverrrr~!
They were very plain, so while we were watching my Abuela for the week (more on that in another post, I assure you) I diligently embroidered away to give them some life. Here are the results!

Forgive the shadows, but they really are lovely IRL

(3) Juggling Balls
One of the goals of the summer that I came up with for the summer is that I teach her how to knit, and she, in turn, teaches me how to juggle!
Appropriately enough, we just crafted our very own balls to this endeavor. :)
It was very easy and I have a book from the library to thank for the instructions.
Honestly, it's a lot like making bean bags, and may be my new go-to gift for birthdays and presents of the kids' friends. :)

This book. What a find!
Ultra clear, ultra easy instructions. Total Cost = .75€!
One came out to be just like a Pokeball!
Nifty side-effect of the craft. All the balloon tops! :D
 (4) Baking
Mi prima, Andrea, is also a master baker and has promised that she'll make her signature cupcakes with Ella some time before the summer is through.
In the meanwhile, I baked some banana bread from a family recipe of ours. As a token of thanks to Chita for the incredible couple of days she spent with us this week, and everything else too!

Nice 'n' moist

Well, that's all for now.
Do you feel that crafting and meeting your needs through DIYness keeps you grounded and balanced?
I'd love to hear your impressions, and about what you've been up to!

Until next time, take care and Happy Wee Bit o' Crafting!

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