Saturday, August 22, 2015

Festa de Gracia


So this post is about an event we went to back on Wednesday.
The annual neighborhood party of Gracia, in Barcelona: Festa Major de Gracia!

I learned during my time here that every town in Spain has what they call the "Festa Major" which is like a town-wide celebration for...well, their town! It's got food, music, dancing and the local talent groups show their stuff. For example, I attended the Festa Major for Sant Just d'Esvern a couple of weeks back and got to enjoy a comedic improv duo. I probably only understood 60% of what they were saying (Catalá!) but it was still a hoot. :)

Anyway, Gracia's neighborhood festival is like a weeklong celebration of all the arts! Musical performances, DIY workshops, storytelling, visual arts, etc!
Apparently, Gracia is the "Soho" of Barcelona, with its Bohemian culture, organic everything, alternative shops, and more. It also is famous for all their little plazas, which during the festival, offer different shows and activities for kids and everyone of all ages!

But one of the highlights of the Festa de Gracia is their street decorating contest!
Each street chooses a theme and decorates their street accordingly, oftentimes relying solely on repurposed materials! Music to my ears ♫

With the little ones in tow, we got to the festival at 6pm and were only able to hit up a couple of the streets. Here is a little peek at them:

The third-place winning street was themed after Paris!!

Can-Can Dancers's legs~~!

Awesome chandelier hanging up above

Paintings done in the style of the impressionists

A reproduction of the Eiffel Tower -- made out of cardboard tubes!

Lovely Andrea in front of their own Alphonse Mucha metro stop!!

We also passed through a street that had not won any awards, which was no surprise.
Most of the streets show an insane amount of dedication and craftsmanship, but this street's theme was "Toxic Mutation Wastedump" or some other such unappealing theme. Nothing to see here~

The kids were starving, so we hit up a Lebanese pizza joint, and then walked the last street.
It was the first place winning street and themed're not gonna believe it...日本!!!

Insane 桜-themed roof made of dyed bubble wrap. And the lanterns were all paper mache.

My lovely aunt and little Ella. You can't really see it, but there was a huge beautiful Chinese (!) dragon suspended above their heads

The exit had the Japanese flag painted all on empty CD cases

This is such a popular event that the streets were hella crowded, hence our inability to see all the streets. Especially with tired little children...
Tia Chita so generously bought the kids t-shirts, the proceeds of which fund the neighborhood itself! Buya!! I will love seeing them wear these t-shirts and remember the magical time we had at Festa de Gracia.

If you are ever in Barcelona for August, I highly recommend hitting up this event.
A real example of teamwork, camaraderie and the many ways that trash can become treasure. :)

Well, until next time, thanks for stopping by, take care and Happy Festa de Gracia!

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