Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye Spain...Hello Iceland!

Halló halló!!

Okay, so we are in Iceland right now. Woot!!
Picking up where we left off, we officially left Barcelona laaaate Saturday night (after a lovely dinner out!):

Thank you Eidler-Perez family for the summer of a lifetime!!!!
I am already feeling Barcelona-withdrawal and missing my heavenly family and the cozy apartment we shared with them for so long... ;_; But don't worry, I will definitely be doing a "Best Of Spain" post soon -- to feel some closure after our departure. ♡

Anyway, after boarding the plane at midnight, it was a quick 4-hour flight to Iceland, which landed us here at 2am... @_@
You can imagine how beat we were so Sunday consisted of mainly two things: securing our car and  hotel and then hitting up...Blue Lagoon!!!

Allow me to explain:
I must say, for it still being August, Iceland is a lot chillier than I'd anticipated. >_<
And with our suitcases packed with clothing for the primarily 80+ degree weather of Barcelona, we are poorly prepared to say the least:

Ella has adopted my favorite purple hoodie. And looks like a ghost~!
So we decided to warm ourselves up from the inside out and treat ourselves to this incredible geothermal bath experience.
For those of you unfamiliar, Blue Lagoon is a super popular attraction because it's super close to the airport and just what you need when you get off the plane and are shocked by the chilly summer weather.
I loved the contrast of chilly gray outside the pool and then cozy-cozy hot geothermal pool~ Reminded me a lot of Japan, and even though it was rather populated, it never felt too crowded and besides, I really enjoyed all the people-watching ;)

The water in the Blue Lagoon is super saturated with silica so it made our hair super stiff and ugly upon getting out, hence the lack of photos. Sorry!
But speaking of silica, I got to take advantage of a little silica face mask so that felt nice...

The rest of the day we chilling in the room (William and Dash fell asleep) and then dinner across the street. ZZZ

Today is our one full day here in Iceland so we decided to do some driving around to take in the sights:

What a lot of the coast looks like. Fog and cloud cover are prevalent!!!

Pretty impressive mountain structures~

We also hit up the capital of Reykjavík to "sightsee".
Gonna be honest, Iceland is so sleepy compared to Barcelona and the rainy/cloudy/cold weather doesn't help. So we just stopped by this one church landmark:

Leif Erikson!!
My shawls are really coming in handy here as lifesaving scarves!!

And then had some hot soup in bread bowls at Svarta Kaffi.

If anything, there's a lot of knitting here which Ell and I very much appreciated :)

We foresee the rest of the day as resting (Dash isn't feeling 100%...) and then maybe hitting up a local geothermal bath.
So far the words I mainly use to describe our Icelandic experience are sleepy, gray, and cold.
A lot like home in Corvallis during the winter! :D

Anyway, I probably won't be doing another blog entry until we are "settled" back home, so until then...
Take care and Happy Iceland!!

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