Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Churros & Park Guell

Hello and how are you?

It's our last Tuesday -- gaah!
But what a day we made of it :)

Firstly, so as to allow Dash to get some more sleep, I took the kids out in the morning on a couple of errands at the post office and MBE, and...for a treat.

Churros con chocolate!!

This is seriously one of the things I was most looking forward to about coming to Spain. :)
For those of you unfamiliar, churros are a fried-dough pastry, and the "chocolate" they come with is a cup of super thick chocolatey dip -- somewhere between chocolate milk and a melted candy bar. Seriously. You dip the churros in your chocolate and then take a big bite. Mm-mm! So good!!

The place I have frequented three times now for their amazing quality is the local cafe-restaurant "El Torrador."

See that in the top left? Xurreria = they make churros! :)

This establishment is actually owned-operated by a good friend of my cousin, Lea.
His name is Nicolas and he is an absolute sweetie. He cares deeply for his friend, and extended his generosity to even us -- her distant American cousins :D

And handsome, to boot!!

If you are ever in the Esplugues area, I highly recommend his establishment. It is such a pleasure eating this delicious breakfast in their outdoor shaded area. There's a nice breeze, and it's a nice plaza/arcade of sorts! With a fountain!!

Anyway, here is a shot of the kids gobbling up these delicious churros con chocolate:

I like Ella's face in this one...

...and William's face in this one.
So I had to put both.

After this delicious outing, we went back home to pack up a picnic lunch, and then head into the city with Daddy to finally visit Park Güell!

Park Güell, like the Sagrada Familia, was designed by Antoni Guadi. It was originally intended to be a wealthy housing site, but that ultimately didn't pan out, so now it's a public park system.

Remember, how me and the kids tried to get there?
Well, Dash did a touch more research than I, and learned about the escalator that makes scaling the hills to reach it a ton easier.

An outdoor escalator...how??

Now, I must say that we both underestimated the popularity of this place in the summer because, just as with Sagrada Familia, apparently you need to purchase your tickets in advance so that you can enter the main part of the park at a specified time. If we'd tried purchasing them upon our arrival, we wouldn't have been allowed in until 6pm. D'oh!

But that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy ourselves! There is still plenty in the park that you can enjoy (for free!) in terms of the playgrounds, interesting architecture and tucked away garden pathways.

The kids showing off the little lizard keychains I got them. They love the danglies!!

Plus, there are a bunch of amateur musicians performing all over the place. So we sat down to lunch, listening to the music of a guitarist duo. Lovely~

It had been a hot and walk-filled day, so we left for home around 4pm and arrived just in time to welcome my little cousin Peter!!

Peter is fourteen years old and just spent the last two months with a family friend, traveling all over northern Spain. William is head-over-heels for this kid, so I foresee a fun couple of days before he has to leave on Friday.

Stay tuned for more updates on that, and until then, take care and Happy Churros & Park Guell!!

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