Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Day!!

'Allo 'allo!

Oh, man!
I haven't written for a couple of days, and now here we are on our last day here in Barcelona.
As a recap as to what the rest of our week has been like:

On our Last Thursday we were accompanied by little cousin Peter (his final day in Spain) so we finally hit up two major tourist destinations: Park Guell and the Magic Fountains

As you may recall, we had hit up Park Guell on Tuesday but it was an incomplete experience on account of not having bought the tickets in advance.

This time we were ready!
So we spent the hotter portion of the day in the home: I was working on wrapping up a book, and the kids played with Daddy, etc.

At 5pm, we departed for the city and finally got into Park Guell at 6pm.
What a sight!!

The view from the upper plaza. The two buildings that flank the entrance
The required shot of the lizard on the staircase

Dash did a series of all our hands on the lizard's claw.

Sorry, I can't find the one of Ella's and mine, d'oh!
As you can see, William was asleep for the first half of it.
But Ella was awake and took plenty of impressive ceiling shots much mosaic tile work ♡♡♡
Ella looking wacky...
Ella looking cute. Love those crescent moon smiley eyes!!

Within a couple of hours, we were all starving so we made our way to the Plaza España station where there is so much going on.
There's a the "Arenas de Barcelona" which is an old bullfighting ring that's been converted into a mall:

Not my photo, but a grand night shot!

That's where we grabbed dinner, on the top-most 5th level that overlooks the city and has a nifty terrace all around it.

By the time we finished dinner, it was 11pm...but that didn't stop us from scoping out the fountain!!

The Font Màgica de Montjuïc (Magic Fountain of Montjuic) is a music-and-lights spectacular with dancing fountains to boot! It had a huge crowd around it, which was actually the more fun part of my experience. Ella was practically comatose, and William was pretty close behind, but man Peter was living it up, dancing like you would at a rave party. That made the whole thing worth it :)

Do a google image search for "Font Màgica de Montjuïc" and you'll see what it was like~

Anyway, what with delayed nighttime schedules of the mass transit system, we finally got home around midnight. Woo-ee! It was a huge day and a wonderful way to spend Peter's last hours in Spain, that's for sure.

Okay, so then for our Last Friday:
I didn't want to have a mad rush of packing and forgetting things and freaking out on Saturday, so I spent the first half of Friday packing. I am proud to say that nothing important is missing, and that I was able to pack it all away in our bags, no more no less.

I finished off my work (which means I have no deadlines until Sept 11th, woot!) and then we had our big final homecooked meal with the whole family :)
Chita cooked up a delicious tortilla patata, and fixed a tremendous tomato and we ate an empanada gallega from the store. Mm-mm!!
There was Chita, Andrea, Bastian, and David!!

It was a wonderful way to see everyone all together for the last time...
Don't get me wrong, we'll be dining tonight together but it will be only some of us and it will be out of the house.

Anyway, today's plan looks a little something like this:
Dash has to finish off a chapter so that he has no deadlines hanging over his head over the weekend and then we'll maybe hit up the pool/beach, and then dinner out.

And then, poof!
Off we fly to...Iceland!!
Did I not mention that we'll be spending a couple of nights there before we fly to PDX?
Well, I look forward to this land of complete and utter mystery (to me) and will report here shortly on it.

Until then, take care and Happy Last Day!!

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