Thursday, August 27, 2015



So yesterday was our last Wednesday of our time here in Spain.
Oh, my~

In accordance with our vow to put in as much wonderful Spain time as possible, we hit up the beach!
We have gone so many times that I have lost count. And I have never had a bad time. EVER!
This is pretty significant for me, since I tend not to enjoy the beaches in the USA -- at least, not so much in the past ten years, especially in the Northwest. Just very cold, unfriendly waters...

But the Mediterranean -- my goodness, it is the best!!

We have gone to four sea beaches total: Barceloneta, Sitges, Garaf, and Castelldefels.
Garaf has to be my favorite among all of them.
The time at Sitges was also grand, both for the Primada, and the day trip we took with Chita.

Besides the clean beaches, and clear+warm waters of Spanish beaches, another thing I love so much about it is how you can go topless as a woman, or all out naked as a child!

For being a "free country", the USA really has some silly hang-ups, one of them being little naked children running around innocently at the beach. It's just not so much heard of, unless perhaps it's just a tiny baby. But here in Spain, youths can enjoy their oneness with the sea in their birthday suits until upwards of ten or so years of age! I think it's a beautiful thing, how healthy the mindset toward nudity is here. I really enjoyed how Ella and William could enjoy themselves without shame or the hassles of sand getting into their bathing suits.
Definitely something I will miss when we have to return to the States...

Anyway, here are some shots from our times at the beach!

The lovely clear waters of Garaf~

Ella is always on the lookout for little treasures along the shore

Sitges and its cute old-style changing booths.
Barceloneta also has a ton of seaside bar-cafes where you can enjoy people-people watching and drinks

This was from the day we took a trip into the city while the kids were in casals ♡
The kids loved creating little tide pools in the beach

And covering themselves in mud, of course

Sorry I don't have the typical landscape shots of the beaches themselves -- I just figured if you want to see that, you can google it. It's been a million times, so why add my own pathetic version, yeah? ;)

Anyway, I must say I am going to miss the beach...
The Oregon Coast is just not the same, but oh well! It's not like we won't be back ;)

In the meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your own water adventures be it at a beach, lake, or pool.
Until next time, take care and Happy Beaches!!

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