Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sagrada Familia (and more rainbows!)


So this past Sunday we finally made it inside Sagrada Familia!
By "we" I mean me and the kiddos -- Dash had to finish his usual Sunday-evening deadline.
But that was fine by me, because I love getting out and about with the kids! :)

So back to Sagrada Familia:
I was pleased to learn that children 10 and under are FREE so I was spared the frustration that comes from spending big bucks on something that little worn-out, hungry, impatient children sometimes can't fully appreciate. Ha!

No, but really, it was a grand day and adventure, which I will now share with you through photos taken mostly by Ella and William.
Here goes:

The first place I wanted to hit up was Park Guell, since Dash and I had enjoyed it very much last time we were here. I thought it'd make for the perfect lunchtime picnic spot.

But I forgot how hilly it is to get there! Truly some staggering inclines, I must say.

Okay, so I had to take this shot myself. It was like trying to walk up a slide @_@

As expected, the children didn't last long, so we plopped ourselves down on this tall stairway and enjoyed the view.

By Ella: typical view of this beautiful hilly part of Barcelona ♡

The title of this post mentioned rainbows, so here's the first one:

By Ella: a great shot of my rainbow nails that I mentioned in my last post too, :)

So after we'd enjoyed our lunch, we walked back down the hill, hopped on the metro to Sagrada Familia, and marveled in awe~!!

By William: the ceilings in this place are amazing. Like looking up through a forest canopy~

By William: more rainbows!!
 I'd forgotten how rainbow-filled the Sagrada Familia is!!!
None of our photos could ever really capture the sheer crafstmanship, harmony, and beauty, so if you want a real taste of Sagrada Familia, just google it -- you will not be disappointed.

They also have a little alcove where you can pray. It was enjoyable to sit there because people aren't just flashing pictures the whole time, it really is a place to meditate.
So William and I did said a little prayer for Dash Senior who is up in Heaven, while Ella Rose did some drawing. She was super inspired being there.

Here she is sketching outside the Nativity facade on the northeast side of the S.F.

Speaking of the Nativity facade, no joke, one of the statues in it looks just like a friend of ours from Waldorf: Mei!! Little surprise there since the statues on this side of the church were done by Etsuro Sotoo, a Japanese sculptor! If you click/zoom-in on the photo below, you should be able to pick her out. ;)

The tallest of the trio of children looking down on the Holy Family

The Sagrada Familia truly is a treat for the eyes, and the soul! We had an inspiring visit, and look forward to watching it ever evolve until finally reaching completion...some day??

Oh, and now one last rainbow for you:

My laptop background and keyboard cover...complimenting my nails!! :D

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and treating yourself to beautiful examples of art. It's all around us!!

Until next time, take care and Happy Sagrada Familiar (and rainbows!!!!)

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