Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reads of Summer 2105

Hey there, ho there~!

So some posts ago, I had mentioned all these books I've been reading, yeah?
I'm thinking the reason I've been able to reach (for pleasure!) so much more than usual is because of really taking advantage of my Kindle!

Thanks to my aunt and cousin, I was recommended the following stellar titles:

1) The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
A romance-mystery set in 1940's Barcelona~! The perfect read to accompany my first weeks here in Spain. My cousin and I are such fans of it, that we are going to take a book tour themed on it, that will take us through the city, hitting up real sites featured in the book! Just a lovely read, when all is said and done :)

2) The Physician by Noah Gordon
Set in a time period I haven't really read much about (1100's!) it's a fascinating glimpse at life in England and then the Middle East during the Middle Ages. It's what inspired me to get juggling this summer! And and the real kicker is that Mr. Noah Gordon is a Massachusetts man who even gives thanks to Smith College in the Afterword for their help with the research for the period.

3) Momo by Michael Ende
By the author of The Neverending Story! A much shorter read than the others with real fantastic elements, the moment I read page one, I knew this was a book I'd have to read to the children. Just a delight and an inspiration, I must say, on the merits of enjoying time rather than rushing around. Just finished reading it to Ella tonight. ;)

Besides these novels, I've always read a smattering of fanfics, from HTTYD-ROTG to Kingsman. :D
And a bunch of 同人誌~~~

That is all for now~
I'm starting "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde right now, and not yet totally enthralled in it, but holding on because, well, it must be a classic for a reason, right? :/

Besides having read "Momo" as the nightly bedtime story to the kids, I spent almost all of July reading this epic fanfiction about an OC in the Pokemon world, that was literally 55 chapters @_@ That's really long for a fanfic, for those of you unfamiliar with them. It was called "Spirited" and when all is said and done, I honestly can't say that I recommend it @_@ Even if you are a Pokemon fan...

I've also had pretty good reception reading books from the library to the children that that I read in both languages, the original Castellano and then my English translation. Even hazarded a few Catalan books this way! :D

I think the next thing I'll read them is this little beauty here:

"Mil Años de Cuentos"  is a collection of stories and legends that are perfect for reading aloud as my cousins were pretty much brought up on it :)

Are you all having a successful literary summer? :D
What good books have you read lately?
I would love to hear about it!!

Until then, take care and Happy Reads of Summer 2015!!

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