Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunny Sunday :)

Hello again!

So last I wrote, I mentioned how Ella was having a sleepover with her buddy Beatrix.

As expected, it went fabulously!
Honestly, barely felt like anything was that different from usual, everything was just so absolutely seamless. :)
I really ought to have taken more photos, because they did everything from dancing ballet, to playing the yard, coming to Church this morning, and everything in between. William was even included in most of their play, making for a harmonious little trio of kiddos.

The gloriously sunny weather really helped facilitate that, as it just generally gave a light 'n' happy air to the place :)

While on one our our jaunts outside, the kids made these little daisy caterpillars:

I was considering videotaping them giving a tutorial on how to make them :D
Church, in particular, was very sweet because it was Family Service day, and Ella was really into it. She even requested a Hymnal to follow along with the singing. NICE!
And William signed his little name in the Friendship Booklet they have in every pew to see who's joining them that particular Sunday.
He did such a bang-up job, I asked him to recreate it when we got home:

"WILLIAM" or more literally "AIIWLLM"

Not bad, if I do say so myself! :D
Reminds me of when Ella was starting to copy little word, and her letters didn't obey the left-to-right orientation that the English language follows. Ha!

Speaking of the kids putting pen to paper, I thought I'd take a little snapshot of a doodle Ella did today:

"The Jewel Pokemon"

That's right, Pokemon is back, in a big way for the kiddos! Particularly because Dash's birthday gift for Ella came in yesterday: The Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook!!!
The kids spent many an hour drooling over the in-depth analyses of every Pokemon, and I can foresee Ella incorporating it into her drawings now.

It really was just an overall lovely weekend, and a great way to start off the coming week.
I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday/weekend too and I will catch you next time!
Til then, take care and Happy Sunny Sunday!!

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