Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney Trip

Hi again!

You know, it hit me just today that I haven't even shared anything about Ella's week-long vacation away from us following New Year's Day.
As I mentioned briefly, she went to Disney World with my mom (her "Aba"), Kathy-neechan, and Martin-niisan. It's sort of hard to get any real "stories" out of her concerning the trip, but now that I have some actual photo evidence, here goes:

Kathy-neechan and "Elsa"

So they were there the first week of January, which you may recall was when the Polar Vortex was hitting the States. Although the news didn't say it would go so down south as Florida, I feel it did affect the weather there as Kathy-neechan reported at least a day or two of 45 degree weather! Ouch for Florida!

But maybe it was the kind of cold weather that also resulted in not-so-long lines as usually is the case for Disney World. So they had that going for them, I guess :)

Holding up her prize rose!

They caught a live production of Beauty & The Beast, and apparently there was some kind of audience participation where Ella Rose got chosen to go up on stage for a moment(?) The details are still fuzzy, but she did receive a fuzzy (see what I did there??) velvet rose to commemorate her experience. Kathy-neechan says she went pose-crazy on the fountain outside, so I guess this is what she meant :D

Gotta love Kathy-neechan's improvised garbage bag-poncho

Did I mention the poor weather? At least it looks like they made the most of it. :D
If memory serves me right, they got to hit up every park at least once (this included Disney Downtown and the Animal Kingdom), and even took a breather on the coldest day just to relax at home and have good ol' family time. Very different from family trips growing up where we felt compelled to cram as many activities and experiences into a trip as possible. It sounds like Aba's really turned a leaf on that and was able to enjoy a completely mellow and at the same time fun-filled vacation. Always a tricky balance to strike, eh? ;)

This is why I love my mom:
When I had called her some weeks before the trip, apparently I caught her while she was on her treadmill. And she told me, "I'm trying to get in shape so that I can keep up with Ella Rose! We are going to be a couple of 4-year-olds, me and her. :D"
I thought that was so very sweet~
And indeed she was ever doting, and a fun pal to be with, and ever patient with Ella.
Thanks to that, Ella Rose even fully transitioned into her own bed! For keeps!!

Trips away from home can be awesome like that, right?
Like, they just hammer the last nail into whatever transition one may have been working on.
For Ella Rose, it was independent sleeping.
For William, it was pottying (and his little friend Gracie was just the same over the summer!)

So yeah, good times all around...

A little more rain for you~
Back to the vacation!!
Aside from going to Disney parks, they also watched "Frozen" all together and played a game or two at a bowling alley. Apparently, Ella Rose isn't such a bad bowler. ;)

Characters were, of course, met but I don't really have access to those shots, but I assure you they included a grinning Ella in every one.

Well, that is all for now.
Have you ever been to Disney World?
What do you think about bringing your kiddos there?

I hope you are all having a great week, and until next time: take care and Happy Disney Trip!

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