Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Days

Hey, everyone!

I feel like I haven't really checked in with any recent going-ons in our life.
So here comes a quick rundown!

Last Thursday is something I want to remember -- the first major downpour + thunderstorm I've experienced in Corvallis. It was awe-inspiring.
The day had been overall very dark and the air felt "heavy" in a way. Ella had a friend, Betty Plum, over, and they stayed mostly indoors, which was fine by me because the rain was immediate and intense. By the time her mom came to pick her up, it was pretty torrential out there. I braved it to give blood (and get rejected) and then to drop off a crib to a friend (gift economy!).
Nothing like listening to the steady beating of rain on the roof, eh? Makes you all comfy cozy and sleepy~~

Saturday was a big child-watching day, as we had two wee ones spend most of the day with us. It reminded me of my Clara-watching days, in how I naturally broke the day up into inside-outside, fine motor-gross motor, high energy-low energy activities, etc etc.
Which reminds me...

I'm also feeling a renewed sense of rhythmic scheduling taking hold of our household and I embrace it wholeheartedly. This summer was the least scheduled/predictable/regular summer since Ella Rose came along. No classes. No regular childcare/playdates. No patterns to our day.
And I loved it!!
But I must say, that I am looking forward to a number of regularly scheduled events coming into our lives. Such as:
- Ella Rose's preschool days
- tutoring two kids in Japanese once a week
- regular childcare swaps going on with two families
- waking up before 8am again~~

I even got back into planning our meals weekly (finally!) and have a goal to facilitate a smoother preschool morning by laying out Ella's outfits the night before, having the bike always weather-ready, and even keeping our breakfasts consistent and predictable.
I am hoping for less cold cereal and more oatmeal, or toast, or biscuits.
We'll see how that goes, but so far I am feeling good about it! :)

Back to the breakdown of our days:
Sunday was good and relaxing--actually, that's not totally true.
Dash and I are working together on a rather large project (I think I've mentioned it before) and today was the deadline! Phew!
Actually, yesterday was technically the deadline because it was due to Japan and our Sunday is their Monday! Duhoy! >_<
Oh well, it all worked out today.
And we got to have Betty Plum over again, and I got to give blood (not rejected!).
Gosh, I love giving blood~~
I am O+ if you are curious. Do you know your blood type?

Things are also moving and grooving on the gift economy side, as we are planning the next big Clothing Swap for October, and I am finally finding new homes for some unwanted linens, bedding, and such. Love it!!

That is all for now.
And I am loving these days.
They are Good Days.
I hope you are having a lovely start to the school year too, and until next time take care and Happy Good Days!!

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