Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Greetings again!

So as I mentioned briefly in my last post, Dash is away for a whole week.
You may be wondering: What is he doing away?
Well, he is following the band Further on their (possibly) last tour for a while. He will be seeing them in Seattle, Eugene, and then Berkley. He's taken the camper, picked up a rider, and is "reliving his teenage years", as he says. ;)

To make these daddy-free times less painful and more exciting, we call such special times "Mommycations" (mommy + vacation)

We got the idea from the sweet story "Daddycation" from the "At Home with Martin & Sylvia" subscription found at To make the absence of Mama easier, the Daddy in the story encourages the kids to write down everything they want to do while they are on their "Daddycation" to make it a fun and special time. So here is what Ella Rose has in store for us:

The whole week plan laid out as bunting
"Jewelry store with Clara" -- they are holding necklaces
"Sock Store with Mara" -- Ella Rose is the one with the triangular hair
"Shoe Store with J.J." -- he friend J.J. really does have that long of hair ;)

Evidently, that's a whole lot of shop-visiting going on.
I can't promise that part of it, but hopefully Ella Rose will get to play with her friends. :)
And me as well!
So far, we've hung out with Clara so that's one Mommycation goal down...six more to go! We'll see how the week turns out. So far so lovely and something tells me they will be crashing extra early tonight. BUYA.

Until next time, take care everybody and to those to whom it applies: Happy Mommycation!!

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