Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun & Fairies

Hey, everybody!

Wow, I really was absent for a while there.
I guess it's because I was focusing so much on the balance/work I talked about last time that I didn't find myself online just kicking back enough or blogging. Well, except for waaaay late at night, after working when I'd get lost on imgur. Oy ve~

It was a good week. The weather was comfortably warm and overcast, but a little muggy I guess. We hung with some friends -- including a trip to the library in Albany and good friends over for Clothing Swap discussion (more on that later) -- but also enjoyed a lot of time at home. It was good :)

Yesterday, we spent the entire day (and night!!) at Sophie's again for Gracie's 2nd birthday party celebration. There were good eats, good drinks, and lots of laughs. Man, when those guys throw a party they go ALL OUT! It was so fun to be able to stay up late playing Rock Band while the kids slept on the couch...and later in the camper. That was how Gracie's 1st birthday party went pretty much, only this time Dash got to join us! So that was a mega plus. :) All in all, an epic way to end the week.

And then today we had a pleasant surprise from Kathy-neechan!
See, while she was visiting us the other week, Ella Rose introduced her to the Disney Fairies. Kathy-neechan was completely impressed with the world of the fairies in Pixie Hollow and whatnot, so she and Ella Rose will be sharing that link while she is far away in her home back in San Jose.
The other day out of the blue, Kathy-neechan asked what Ella's favorite berry, flower, and fruit were...and went and created this little fairy persona of Ella Rose:

Long time no draw, Kathy!! :)

She has a blackberry hat, sunflower seed buttons, and an apple blossom skirt.
Ella Rose was absolutely tickled pink by it!!! Especially because Kathy-neechan then asked her to color it in and pick a "talent" to have. Here's what she came up with:

The pink person at the bottom is "The Poppy Queen" -- an alias she's been taking a lot these days

I gotta say, I'm impressed with how she used the different colors to create even more clothes than the original line drawing suggested (like the shoulder throw and gloves~), and can you make out what she's saying? That little dialogue bubble is supposed to be declaring her "talent" which is...of all things..."farts". Or as Ella Rose wrote it "AFRT".
Ha! :DD

So yeah, I look forward to their little fairy connection growing and encouraging even more creativity from both sides. Crazy to think we'll be seeing her in less than a week now! Yaaay!!!

Until then, take care every one and Happy Fun & Fairies!!

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  1. Twas a pleasure! We love you guys and I love that farting fairy! Awesome.