Sunday, August 18, 2013

Garden Harvest

Hi, all!

Wow, I've been away awhile.
I'll tell you why -- I thought I could publish posts away from home using the app on my phone...but not so! >_<
It seems the posts are stuck endlessly in the "publishing" status. And they end up never going up.
So I have to do it the good old fashioned way on my comp -- but I can't access them on my phone, to at least see what I wrote to then, and therefore have to do it from scratch all over again.

Oh, well. No biggie~

Today I'd like to share with you something I am very proud of: more garden harvest!!
I've shared with you a little of what I can get from my garden, and finally this week I am harvesting beans:

Just enough for a tiny side dish at dinner time :)

That was back on the 13th...and today, the 18th, I harvested yet again and this time got beans, and tomatoes!! The tiny variety, that is ;)

Those purple beans are so long!!!

So yeah, I will have to take you on a photo tour of the garden soon. I really should have done a "Before" shot because the space I have turned into our garden was really a desolate alley of weeds before I transformed it (with tons of help from Sophie) into the garden that has proven to be :)

Well, I will have to sign off for now. And promise to fill you in on all the fun we've been up to with my sister Kathy visiting!!!

Until then, take care and Happy Garden Harvest!!

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