Sunday, August 4, 2013

Recovered and Then Some!

Hi, all!!

Man, have I been absent.
As you may have seen in my last post, I was blogging from the hospital and here is why:
Exactly a week ago, I was laid in bed just feeling achey and chilly and no muy bueno. ;_;
I thought it was some kind of 24-hour bug, so on Monday morning I willed myself to believe I'd bounced back from this little ailment...but to no avail!

By Monday evening I was doubled over and unable to properly walk or do much of anything because I was in so much pain! @_@ This has never happened to me before and we were so concerned that it'd be something serious, that we promptly went to the Emergency Room. There, they ran blood and urine tests, and even put me through a CT Scan -- but everything turned up negative! On one hand, it was reassuring to know that there was nothing immediately life-threatening going on...but on the other hand, it meant that I was diagnosed with vague "abdominal pain" and sent home. Guh!! So yeah, no remedies to be had, and I pretty much spent the next three days going back and forth between feeling okay(ish) and writhing in pain in bed. Guuuuh... I ate very little and lost like 8 pounds through the whole ordeal! Yeesh!
I thank my lucky stars that we have such a wonderful support system among our friends who watched Ella and William so as to give both Dash and I a much needed break. Thank you, Miss Angelica and Sarah T. in particular!! ♡

So Friday was the first day I felt pretty much "normal" again. My appetite was making a slow comeback and I followed "Dr. Dash"'s recommendation of the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast only). All in all, I felt well enough to go to a friend's house!

In fact, I rode my bike (with two trailers attached, and William riding in one) all the way to Sophie's Philomath! That's right, the next town over.
And get this -- Ella Rose rode her bike for most of the way both there and back! It's about 6 miles one way, so I'd say Ella biked (total)...10 miles on Friday. Impressive!!

Technically 5.8 miles one way, according to Google Maps ;)

I had told myself I'd take it easy, but when I realized that construction trucks were blocking the driveway and that I wouldn't be able to get the car out until they moved out at 2pm, I decided that'd be too late and, there are alternatives to driving: Biking!! So I took my sweet time (especially with little Ella biking along at her 4-year-old pace) and two hours later was safe and sound at Sophie's house.

It was a lovely visit, getting to hear about her recent child-free trip, behold her awesome garden, and even get hooked up with a great babysitter: Her sis, J. Grow!!

I've always prided myself in not having to ever hire a babysitter to watch my kids thanks to childswap set-ups, and visiting family members watching them for free. But finally yesterday, I cracked and paid for childcare for the kiddos for the first time!!
I must say it was a good thing too! Firstly, it's hard to find any mama friends who are willing to spend their Saturday night with not one but two children, even if it's for a swap. Plus, J. is a college student who doesn't have any family obligations and therefore made it very clear that we could stay out however late we wanted, since it would not inconvenience her in the least!

What was supposed to just be catching a show in Albany expanded into dinner out, plus a live performance, plus a late night movie!! We came home after midnight (wow!) and had a wonderful date together.

But first I'll share with you other things that we did with our Saturday:

Farmer's Market following an outdoor art show!

A Peachie's (Nola's) birthday party!

J. Grow arrived at 6:15pm and then we were off to see... The Doubleclicks!
I first heard of them last week when a friend showed me a music video of one of their songs.
It is below and I highly recommend you watch it too :)

I can't believe I got to see them in person and so near home too!!

Aubry and Angelica

They are a very sweet musical duo and very funny too.
After that, we grabbed coffee to keep us awake for a 10pm showing of "Pacific Rim".
I gotta say, it was a very entertaining monster movie! Thanks to Kathy for recommending it so highly!!

Well, that is all for now.
What a great way to end a crazy week.
I am all healthy again, and there are many good things to look forward to on the horizon :)

Until next time, take care everyone and Happy Recoveries and then some!!

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  1. So happy you had an amazing date out! You deserve it! Swapping is great, but if you need that total freedom and trust with a babysitter that is flexible, the price is more than worth it. Our time with our husbands is worth it, I suppose I should say. We love them so much!! I did that same thing yesterday morning!! I am also totally impressed at your tenacity and bravery at biking that distance and that you achieved it. No wonder you have such a rocking bod. You grew babies that are getting big and put them in carts and you wheel them around town! That's an impressive momma! Well I suppose Ella biked much of it like her rock star mother.

    PS I'm up for swapping both ways soon and a girl's date. You and I shall talk soon. Big hugs!!