Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fun~

Hey, again!

So yesterday was a typical great summer day.

We started it off with a waffle breakfast (!!) and then sped to a friend's garage sale where we made some major scores!! I am most excited about my new green summer dress and apron. I always wear skirts so I never have a place to carry things like wallet/keys/etc...but now I will use this apron's pockets to solve that little problem. Hurray!!

Thanks, Afton!! :)

Back at the house, Sophie came over to catch up after her long trip to Hawaii and I got to eat my first produce from the garden -- mixed salad greens, yum!!

Thanks, Sophie!!

I then got a little sleep with William because I had a random night of wakefulness and found myself up from 1:30am until 6:00am @_@ I'm not quite sure why that happens, but a couple of times a month worrisome anxiety or happy excitement will give me a bout of insomnia. Thankfully, I try to make it as productive as possible ;)

But anyway!
We topped the day off with a lovely picnic in the park.
We had the pleasure of sharing our make-your-own-burrito dinner with a swell family we've come to know better -- they are very musical and goofy and easygoing and generally great to hang out with. :)

William with a sparkly flapper headband~

They have two little ones who are about our kids' ages too!

William and Mirabai holding hands...aaaaaw~!

There's Tzippy and Ella climbing in a tree
I then crashed out with the kids at 10pm (again!!?) and that was that.

I love summer, don't you?
Until next I see you, take care and Happy Summer Fun!!

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