Wednesday, October 9, 2013

William's Words

Hey, hey!

I feel like I haven't talked about Sweet William here in a while, so here is a post all about him.
Sans pictures though...sorry!!

It's mostly going to be about what he can say these days.
Because boy oh boy he is understanding and saying a lot! And we are especially enjoying his signing.
So in terms of hand signals he can do at this point they are:

- train
- car
- airplane
- milk
- all done
- shirt
- apple
- night-night
- more

Really not a whole lot, but ones that he uses almost daily. Ha!
And he'll respond when I signal things like "potty?" and "water?"

Now for the spoken words, it's a longer list but shown in related sets:

- colors: brown, red, green, blue, orange
- directions: up, down, out
- body parts: mouth, eye, ear, nose, hair
- clothes: hat, boots, shoes
- animals: cat, dog, bird, bug
- random: hot, no, night-night, ow, draw, ball, bath
- our names! (Mama, Dada, Ella, Tak'e, "me")

Hmm... I could've sworn it was more than that, but writing it down here it suddenly doesn't feel like a whole lot.
I guess it's the fact that he'll understand whole sentences and directions from us that makes it feel like he's "talking" more. Like I love being able to tell him to give me a kiss, or say g'night to Daddy and Ella before coming to bed and he'll go and do it. He also loves pointing out body parts when we ask him things like "Where's William's pompees?" heh heh

These past few days, he's also gotten into fetching me a towel while I'm in the shower which is so sweet! :)

And I could've sworn that when I was putting on his bedtime diaper he tried to say "diaper" too! :D

On that note, last week we were experiencing a bit of potty-striking from William.
When asked if he had to go he'd say "no" adamantly...only to pee himself seconds later. And when I knew he had to go and would try to seat him on the potty, he'd fight by arching himself and such.
So that was frustrating >_<
He had a bit of a fever last Thursday, and that was what triggered the start of the strike, which continued even when he was well again. The distracting chaos of the Clothing Swap didn't help either, but finally yesterday and today -- when I made a concerted effort to not get bent out of shape over it -- he starting communicating his elimination needs to me again! So we are back on track with that at the moment, and I am very happy for it. Phew!

Well, I guess that's all for now with my precious boy William.
No joining of words yet, but he definitely seems very bright to us, and he is very sweet and likes to do things that make his Mama and Daddy smile~

I'll try to get more photorific posts up soon.
Hopefully of our fun bicycle-tagalong-trailer train! :D

Well, until next time take care and Happy William's Words!

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