Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 1 of February Break

Howdy howdy~!

So today was the first day of the kids' first time off from school since Christmas break.
And with no plans to travel or entertain guests or anything, I am super jazzed about this very family-oriented chillaxed (but also productive!) week. :D

To start us off, today was a grand day.
Firstly, I finished the We're Alive podcast and it was a very satisfying (even tearjerking!) ending, and I very pleased to be done with it so that I can move onto other stories now. I'm very bad at reading more than one book at a time, even if it's an audiobook!

Then, Beatrix joined us for the morning and the weather was super warm and spring-like with tons of sun, so we got out into the garden at last! Pulled weeds and planted some simple salad seeds. I'm sure it's too early according to some books, but oh well! Felt cool digging into our compost pile to get out garden-worthy soil that we'd "created" too.

Inside, I also spent time translating this book that's due Friday, and wrestling with William for a good long time. After that, we went on a bike ride, just me 'n' him. I must say I don't spend nearly as much time with William one-on-one as I should, so it was fun and good for us.

Later in the after noon, I had a Japanese lesson with Maggie-san, and then read BAKUMAN. to Ella and William, for like two hours. I'm now halfway through volume 4!!
I am just knocking off these items from my February Break To Do List, bam bam!

Dinner was an amazing homemade meal provided by Dash: homemade pork patties on homemade buns, and homemade fries! Rounded off with some pickles and salad, and mm-mm what a meal!
It's amazing because I never grew up with homemade bread and it will be interesting if the kids see it as "normal" since they are growing up with it. Hmmm~

With the dishes done and the kids being put down by Dash, I think I will round off my evening finishing the first of Dash's handwarmers (yesssss!) while I crack open that Sherlock podfic Kathy-neechan recommended me. Mm-MM!

A'ight, well sorry for the lack of photos but I will be in touch again tomorrow, with hopefully more visuals.

Til then, take care and Happy Day 1 of February Break!!

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