Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 6 of February Break

Yo yo~

All right, the weekend is upon us!
I missed Breakfast with the Beatles this morning, but only because I got to sleep in until 9am. BUYA.
Today I was all set to play the Florence Nightingale role for Dash, but he was insistent that he could take care of himself, which actually created a bit of a tiff between us, but thankfully resolved itself pretty soon. And yeah, as so long as he doesn't try to lift much and takes his time getting around, he can even pull off making his own breakfast, etc.

I did more curtain creating, and then when Clara came over for a playdate with Ella, I took it as the perfect excuse to get out of the house with William for more bicycling and grocery shopping. Took a whopping two hours, I swear, because of having to fix the chain on William's bike and helping him start from a stopped position, etc etc... He got frustrated quite a bit, but I'm glad he didn't give up in the end.

Back at home, I challenged myself to make a tasty treat that I thought everyone would enjoy from something I'd seen on imgur some months back.

Just watch the gif below to see what it was:

Turns out ours is not a "deep-fried mashed potato with bacon and cheddar" kind of family. :D
Nobody was a big fan.
Oh, well! I had prepared a TRB dinner as a back-up.

Dash spent most of the day in bed but that didn't stop him from reading to the kids, or playing handheld games with them. So that was super nice of him.

I see much of the same happening tomorrow, though my goal is to finish that last lingering curtain so that I can show the fruits of all my labor. Phew!!

Til then, take care and Happy Day 6 of February Break!!

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