Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 2 & 3 of February Break

Hi again!

Oops, I missed yesterday's post.
But I'll tell you why!!

It's because I've started this new "audiobook" (technically a podfic) and it is absolutely taking up my life and I love it!!!
I listen to it while cleaning the dishes, going on errands by foot, or working on craft like knitting or sewing.
Love love love it.
It's a fanfic based off the BBC Sherlock universe being read aloud by a British lady that is such sweet music to the ears. In fact, when I was putting the kids down tonight I read them the B section of their children's alphabet (if you think that's nuts, Dash has been reading them Old Testament stories from their children's Bible... Yeah, totally surprised me too!) I read the entire B section with a sweet British accent. Kick aaaaass. ♡♡
Okay, so quick rundown of what we've been up two these past two days.
Yesterday, I translated my book to p. 100 (score!) and then biked with the kids to a birthday party of a classmate of Ella's.
That's right, I had William on the tagalong while Ella rode her own bike. So proud of her!!!
Though truth be told, of course I was sweating bullets worrying about the cars nearby. But I have to remind myself that Corvallis is a pretty bike-aware town and she was safe.
The party was at a bowling alley and it reminded but that this mode of entertainment still exists despite its super dwindling popularity. Oh, well! Good times had by all.

Well, except that William must've had too much sugar (or salt?? He likes to dump the salt shakers at restaurants onto his plate at eat that straight up... Silly child, and I warned him it wasn't good for him!) because he was pretty much a thorn in my side the entire rest of the day.

Ella had her pottery class following the party (and a quick trip to the grocery store), during which I listened to the podfic while knitting more of Dash's second handwarmer.

At home that evening (it was 5:45 by the time we got home), we had TRB and then I knitted more while listening to yet more of the podfic. Nnnnghhh, so good!!!!

Today I got right to work sewing these curtains I've been meaning to create for my friend Rachel S. and guess what I listened to during all that work. That's right: PODFIC.
Man oh man, I am a sucker for love stories and this one has the added allure of a really well designed detective case. Mm-MM!

Dash and the kids went off to listen to a dear friend of ours play the organ, while I had a spa appt ;) and then mosed on home listening to more fic. Then a fun Japanese lesson with another pupil, and by the end of it all I was not in the mood to figure out dinner and we went out to El Sol De Mexico. My second home, really :D

I think I'm going to whipout ooooone more curtain set before I call it a night because I still have four more chapter which is about 2+ hours of podfic, me thinks. Man, I'm gonna be hungry for more good stories after this one, but I think I will finally redeem this gift card to that I got from my bro- and sis-in law "Everything is Illuminated."

No pics, sorry!
But thanks for reading my journal post.
Til tomorrow, take care and Happy Day 2 & 3 of February Break!!

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