Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day!

Hey hi!

So today was Valentine's Day.
But did Dash and I do anything romantic for just the two of us?
It really was more of a family affair on account of Sundays always being his big deadline day and this week, in particular, he had twice as much work as usual. I'm thinking we'll do something special this coming Friday instead ;)

Sooooo, today it was mostly a day for me 'n' the kids :)
I helped teach Sunday School, and then we ended up hanging at the church library (new favorite pasttime following the service) until 1:30pm!!
During that entire time (about two hours) the children entertained themselves with the books and puzzles there, while I knitted.

I finished that scarf I'd mentioned starting just yesterday evening :)

Short 'n' Sweet

Not as long as I'd have liked it, but the dark blue ran out and that dictated the final length.
Oh, well. As long as I can tie it in a little knot around my neck, I'm aaaaall good.

When we got home, we then got right into some Valentine's Day love-spreading.
First, we baked a batch of brownies for our neighbors and delivered them along with a bouquet of daffodils out of the yard. Only the one neighbor was there to receive it, but I think he will share it with his housemate (whom I have yet to meet!).

Then, Ella and I took a nice long walk and then bike ride to deliver Valentine's Day cards to our neighborhood friends. While she was whipping those up, I was reading BAKUMAN. yet again.

I swear, I am quite hooked on that series!

It brings up how this coming week there will be no school and I have sooooo many things I want to accomplish! Both recreational and work-wise. They are as follows:

- listen to the rest of We're Alive podcast (only 4 more chapters until the finale!!)
- knit Dash a pair of handwarmers
- listen to the Sherlock podfic
- read the rest of BAKUMAN. books in my possession (4 volumes)
- listen to "Everything's Illuminated" through
- sew curtains for my friends Rachel and Rachael :D
- finish reading David Sedaris' "Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls"
- translate Space Dandy volume 2

So yeah, as you can see there's a lot of literature I want to get through (both auditory and visual!) as well as some crafting and finally, at the end of the list, actual work. HA!
Thankfully I can multitask with the audio books, so for example after I publish this post I am going to listen to We're Alive while knitting those handwarmers. And I can sew the curtains while listening to things playing off my computer through bluetooth headphones. Thank the lord!

This is gonna be a big, great week.
I also have three tutoring sessions during it and am going to make sure plenty of playdates are lined up.

I'll keep you updated throughout the week.
So until next time, take care and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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