Friday, February 26, 2016

Sickness Strikes~!

Hey hey!

Sorry for the long absence there.
Wednesday was a great day and was mainly comprised of tidying the house, practicing piano, and then working with an artist group in the evening.
I think it was that evening work that did something to me though because I was really pushing myself hard, and Thursday morning I woke up with both an insanely sore back and a super achey stomach.

I ended up spending all day in bed, only venturing out to trudge through a Japanese lesson with Jack-san for a couple of hours in the middle of the day.

That was pretty much how today, Friday, looked too.
Can't say I have a 24-hour bug or the flu, because really my only symptom is a feverish and very achy body and belly. Huh. It's meant a ton of sleep, zero food, and lots of reading of The Walking Dead comic on my computer. Buya~!

Now, on the eve of Saturday, I am feeling a little better, though definitely will be laying low still...

Hope you all are feeling well and looking forward to a great weekend! I know I am~!!

Til next time, take care and Happy Sickness Strikes!! (wait, what?)

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