Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wonderful Weekend

Hello again, all!

My, what a great past couple of days it's been since I last wrote.
Crazy to think we are one week+ since Dash's accident.
I'm happy to report that he's doing splendid, barely limping and the laceration on his forehead is healing up great. The doctor did a super job and it will be just the lightest pink line ever, me thinks.

Come Saturday, I was feeling much better than I had before, and the day kicked off with a trip to the Corvallis Waldorf School.
The occasion? Their Open House & Alumni Panel! :D

I was mostly there to see about meeting new prospective parents and get to snoop around the classrooms since I don't usually get the chance. Ha!
I wish I'd taken some photos, because there was some really stellar artwork on the walls and I'd have liked to show off what William's and classrooms are like. Oh, well! That's what happens when the school's a cell phone free zone I guess ;)

After the Open House, the rest of Saturday really became a Mama-Ella date :)
We hit up the Howland Community Art Show for Ella to enter some art into.
I've written about this Art Show before, and this is the piece she's entered:

This thing's all of 2" x 2" I swear.

Technically, she drew this "Candy Witch" back in October. So just imagine where her art's at now :D
I was happy to see some familiar faces in both the CWS and artist community that I love so very much. Good folks all around!

Magical Mr. Mark Allison, the great Kristi Hager, and the talented Emily Thomas for starters!

The weather was so nice, Ella and I made an impromptu downtown outing of it, hitting up Pegasus Studios to see some of Mark Allison's work on display, getting a replacement tube/tire for her tag-along, and perusing the delicious Kaleidoscope bead store.
Last we were there, it was the Corvallis Arts Walk, which was fun but a little busy.
It was nice to take the time to speak with the owner, Lori, this time around, and she even taught me some basic knots that are sure to help me with future beadwork (remember what we did for V Day?).

For starters, I learned how to do a proper Square Knot, and how one more loop around makes it the ever durable hard-to-undo Surgeon's Knot. Turns out the usual double knot is also technically called a Granny Knot. Just remember that what makes a Square Knot a Square Knot is starting with the same "side" string/thread/rope/etc for both knots. Confused? Check out youtube for a video. You'll see what I mean ;)

Another thing I got from Lori was this nifty tilty marble labyrinth thing!!

So fun and challenging!!

I vaguely remember having one as a kid, and now I look forward to mastering it and having the kids hone their fine motor skills as they tackle it too.

We then did a little "Huge-y Boo" run at Big Sports 5, where Ella Rose used some holiday money savings to buy these adorable stuffed animals for herself, William, and friends. One of them was for her good friend Beatrix to whom we delivered the stuffie promptly.

I must note here that all the downtown fun was on foot and the Huge-y Boo run and delivery was with Ella on her own bike. I am feeling more confident with her on her bike now and I am so proud of her stamina!

Saturday was topped off with dinner at El Sol de Mexico. Mm-MM!
And I got to pick up the latest issue of the Corvallis Advocate which also has an article about the Gift Economy and Clothing Swap in it!

It's technically a truncated version of the one that appeared in the online Valley Parenting magazine (which I wrote about here), but still good to see in physical form :D

Sunday was knitting during church and then hitting up the Letter Writing Social with Ella.
We really branched out our usual letter recipients with such ambitious destinations as Ty Inc. (creators of Beanie Boos), Nintendo of North America, and El Sol de Mexico.

Nothing like having stamps on hand to really make the letters fly~!

We'll see if we get responses from any of them ;)

In other news, I am all caught up on The Walking Dead issues my BIL got me, and am listening to another Sherlock podfic. And it's thirty-one chapters long!!!! ♡♡♡

I suppose that's all for now.
I foresee brightening spring weather this week, along with finishing off those curtains, doing some work in the art classrooms and getting some translations done.

Until then, stay tuned, take care, and Happy Wonderful Weekend!!

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