Monday, January 4, 2016

Slow Icy Day

Greetings, one and all!

This blog is coming to you at the end of a very slow, icy day.
It was so cold and icy today, in fact, that they cancelled school!
I'm glad that even as an adult, I get just as giddy and excited about school being cancelled as when I was a child :D Makes me very grateful to have a job that isn't affected by terrible road conditions or having to keep the kids home unexpectedly. We just go with the flow~!

This is the second time they've had to close school this year, with the last one being the very last day of school last term...making our break longer by two whole days. Wow!

It was spent with shuffling the kiddos off to a friend's house for a playdate, running some errands to the P.O., wrapping up a script to send off, and now winding down before I have some lady friends over for knitting~

Poor little William is actually not feeling so hot, as he has something of an ear infection, so he's been in bed since 4:30. Hot compresses and tea tree oil have been helping so far, but if he's not all better by tomorrow we'll ramp up the treatment to include colloidal silver and ACV.

Hurray for the kitchen cupboard (aka medicine cabinet! ;) )

Anyway, just wanted to bop in, so that I remember what a random day in January in Corvallis can be like.

Hope you all are well, safe from dangerous driving conditions, and enjoying this Slow Icy Day!

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