Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Yo yo~!

So I missed another day yesterday.
But do I care? No, not so much.
I honestly don't remember much about yesterday...
Let's see: I finally opened a bank account for Ella so that was good. Dinner was TRB (tortilla, rice, and beans -- a major Dashiell household staple!). I took a looooong chat-walk with Kathy-neechan after the kids went down.
Huh. Besides that, I don't recall much. @_@
Oh! I did get interviewed in the morning for a local paper, but I don't think I'll go into detail on that until the article actually gets released ;) Look forward to it!

Anyway, today I was tempted to not write anything on purpose because I was feeling just...bleh.
I think it's this rain. And the constantly gray sky. I need to start getting serious about taking my Vitamin D pills!!
Speaking of taking pills, I also finally got to see the dermatologist (the same one who diagnosed me with rosacea two years ago) to ask him about this persistently inflamed spot I have on my left cheek bone.

You can see it in this shot pretty okay-ish. The photo's flipped around because it was taken using Photobooth.

He took one look at it and chalked it up to rosacea (again!) and prescribed me the same pills I was put on last time for it.

My honest-to-goodness hope was that he'd say he would have to cut it out right then and there.

You see, I'd actually done the same thing to myself two years ago when I had a persistent inflamed bump on my temple that just wouldn't go away! Not to get too graphic, but I was able to remove it safely in my own home -- which you can see the bandaid for of in this li'l video.
This is the first instance since then of having something like that again. New place, mind you, and it's been hanging around since October! Guh!! >.<

Anyway, the doctor was smart and said he wouldn't want to go cutting up my face for something that can be treated with doxycycline, which is what I am back on for the next month or two.
Truth be told, I wanted to cry when he told me that.
I probably sound very radical but I was really hoping for a "slice, bandage, off you go!" approach. Heh. Oh well, I know it's for the best...

Now to completely change the subject and hopefully turn this mood around!!
I have been meaning to blog about this for a while: the swords that Dash made and sold at the Corvallis Waldorf School's Winter Light Faire last month. :)

A dark photo but you get the idea.

These babies took up the majority of the first half of December and really were a family affair.
The wood was salvaged from an old door, the paints were from our collection at home, and only the gems and varnish spray had to be purchased. Dash would cut them with his jig saw, I would sand them, the kids would paint them, Dash and I would re-paint them, and the gems were applied by Ella Rose.

Waiting for the gems to dry late at night...

We made about a dozen, and they all sold right away at the WLF's "Woodland Village Artisan Market". :) It was a very fulfilling project and especially rewarding seeing the little Faire goers excitedly swinging their new toy swords around.

A (crappy!) close-up.
Dash even made a few rare/special swords like a "fire sword" and a "butterfly sword" which were so popular that we even got a commission to make more before the holiday break! ;)
I wish I could find photos of the butterfly swords -- I could've sworn I'd taken some shots of them!! 
Oh, well. Another day ;)

In the meanwhile, here's one last shot of our beloved swords laid out for you to enjoy:
Yay for poor lighting~!

And with that, I bid you adieu, take care and Happy Swords!

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