Saturday, January 16, 2016

Date Night & Baking Day

'Allo 'allo!

So I didn't blog about yesterday last night because I had a big wonderful evening with by fantastic husband and just didn't have the time to log onto the computer. Oh, well!

To recap it:
We got the fantastic Miss Jesse to watch the kiddos (whom they'd been missing something terrible!) and hit the town!

First, we watched "The Big Short" which was about the events leading up to the 2008 Housing Market Crash and how some people saw it coming but how general ignorance/incompetence/complacency in the government and Wall Street in general caused the whole thing to collapse.
This probably sounds pathetic, but it really was the first time I felt I got a good handle on the in's and out's about the 2008 just took a Hollywood movie to do it. D'oh! >.<

After that, we hit up Sada for some good old sushiiiii.
I love me some sushi!

The sushi hadn't come yet but the drinks had! ;)

I had mentioned it in my New Year's post, but I am trying not to have any alcohol (on account of my rosacea)...but I decided that I can bend that rule and only have it out of the house and not gargantuan amounts. So yay!

After Sada, we were both itching for some piiiiiie so we headed to Shari's...only to find that it was all barricaded off by the police @_@
I won't go into the details or what that turned out to be about here, but you can read one of the initial articles on it if you are curious.

So we hit up Market of Choice instead for some of the sweetest lemon meringue pie (tart) the degree that my teeth hurt eating it. Uuuugh. >.< Will not do that again.

And Dash got a coffee.

We came home to find William snuggling quite happily with Jesse.

Okay William looks less-than-happy but I know they had a grand time :)

Then we capped off the evening with some Venture Bros. which we had last watched back on Grant Circle...about five years back! Yowza!! :) Needless to say, we love it and it was the best way to end a brilliant day ♡
I love going on dates with my honey!!!!!

Today turned out to be fantastic too!
It was raining (downpouring even!) so I spent it inside, wrapping up the Spanish citizenship process for my kiddos, and then baking with Ella!!!

Dash turned us onto this adorable little show called "The Great British Bake Off".
So we watched two episodes -- where the contestants tried their hand at cake and then crackers -- and promptly sought to replicate those same challenges in our own kitchen! :D

We made a vegan chocolate cake with homemade buttercream...which didn't come out spectacularly so I didn't take any photos.

Then we made good old tortilla dough-based crackers!
A much bigger hit ;)
This is something we used to make a lot more regularly and will have to get back into doing!!
It's pennies to the dollar making crackers at home rather than buying them at the store, so buya!!

Do you see the star-shaped crackers??

And a little shy William~

And with that, the weekend has been brilliant so far.
I have a feeling that Sunday will be a treat as well!

I hope yours is going well as well (despite the events at Shari's ;_;) and that you hug your family extra tight today.
'Til next time, take care and Happy Date Night & Baking Day!!

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