Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Yo yo~

So I was thinking about how families can have their own little "language" sometimes.
Like, inspired by a certain event that they experienced together, or a mispronounced word their little ones said in their younger years, etc etc.

In our own family, we have a few of these kinds of Dashiell-isms which I thought I'd record here to look back on:

1) Dashiell Divinations
I've only mentioned this once on this blog three years ago, but it's something Dash and I will say when we want to make a prediction about something might happen.
Some famous ones from the past include the creation of the show "American's Next Top Pregnant Model" (it's gotta happen!) and my personal Divination that someday Hoover Flags will come back as a fashion statement ;)

2) "Ticky ticky tacky"
This is something the kids say when Dash and I are starting to bicker and fight. It's their way of saying "Stop fighting, or save it for later at least." That way it breaks the tension and we agree to either drop it or save it for when the kids are not around.

3) Farkles, Fiders, and Foons
When Ella was really little she couldn't pronounce her "sp" sound well and words like sparkles, spiders, and spoons would come out farkles, fiders, and foons. So sometimes when we're being goofy we'll use those words instead of the proper ones. Always gets a laugh.

4) Fick something up
Kathy-neechan actually coined this one, and it's a term we use when someone's intention is to help "fix" a situation but instead they just make it a worse for you and "f*ck" it up. Hence "fick". Like I once had a friend offer to help look at my bike tire to see if he could straighten it...only to end up warping it further. D'oh! He dun ficked it up now! So yeah, it happens~

5) Phantom Itch
It's that sensation you get when someone's scratching your back and although it's very pleasurable, there's also that niggling feeling that if they could juuuuust scratch a little more to the right or left then they'd really get an itch...only for that sensation to keep traveling out of reach of their hand. And so you're strangely never quite satisfied when they're scratching your back, because it feels like the itch is constantly evading you. It's that darn Phantom Itch.

All right, well that's all the ones I can think of at the moment.
I'll try to remember to blog when more come to mind.
Do you and your family have little linguistic quirks like these?
They are quite fun!

Anyway, until next time, take care and Happy Dashiell-isms!!

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