Friday, March 18, 2016

Sickness Abounds!

Hey, everybody!

Wow, what a strange week it's been.
Dash has been down with his flu-like symptoms since Sunday night, and only now (Friday) is he finally up and back to his old self. We actually held a conversation after dinner for the first time in what felt like forever.
Yay for recovery!

But actually, he wasn't the only one having trouble.
Wednesday afternoon, upon returning home from school, William was very much not acting like himself: opting out of playing video games; having no appetite; and finally putting himself (!) down for a nap. He awoke with a fever and a wee bit of vomiting!! ;_;
Needless to say, he was SICK!

I figured I'd be safe, but when I woke up Thursday morning, I was overwhelmed with such vertigo that I couldn't function. Could barely get down the stairs, only with Dash's help, and was trembling all over and pale as ghost. I ended up sleeping in bed all day.
It was great!!

William snuggled himself right in!

Ella spent the morning at a friend's house so that Dash could attend the Parent-Teacher Conferences at the kids' school, and I am so proud of William winging it on his own with an out-of-commission mama. He crawled into bed with me to sleep of his own accord, and Dash came home to find us like the photo above.
Needless to say, the feedback from the teachers was all roses. Yaaaay~!

So that was Thursday.
Today has been much better, I must say!
William is still on the mend and needs lots of sleep, and even Ella put herself down for a nap which tells me her body might feel something come on too. @_@ Oh, well! As far as I'm concerned Spring Break has arrived, and we have zippo plans so give us your worst, sickness!!!

Something good today was that Ella go this in the mail:

Ella's first very official piece of mail :D

That's right! Nintendo of America wrote back to her!
As you may recall, a couple of weeks back at the Letter Writing Social, Ella Rose wrote to some of her favorite establishments.
Well, Nintendo replied!
The letter was a basic "thank you and keep supporting us because we are committed to raising the standard of video games etc etc" kind of message, but it had a couple of perks!

She was so thrilled!
A Princess Peach bookmark and Pikachu Pokemon card!!!
What sweeties they have in the correspondence department, or whoever it was responsible for this.
Really made this little girl's day!

It inspired me to really go ahead and write to Justin Roiland which I've been meaning to do ever since I feel in love with R&M back in October.
I'll let you know how it goes!! :D

All right, well, until next time, I hope you all are staying well and take care.
And Happy Sickness Abounds!!

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