Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Aba Visit Day 1

Hello hello!

Sorry for the couple-day absence there.
We were busy busy in the Dashiell household getting ready to receive a very special visitor: Aba!!

You'd never guessed she'd been running on 4 hours' sleep!

My mom hasn't seen the kids since last summer's primada and hasn't been to our house since...I wanna say Christmas of 2014. @_@ Wow, that's a long time!

My mom is such a trooper. Woke up at 2am to catch her flight, then put up with the long drive to our place, played with the kids nonstop (including some frisbee/boomerang action on the CHS grounds and cards!), and even stayed up for the semi-finals episode of GBBO. :D Needless to say, it's been a long day for her~!

She's only here for five short days (;_;) so here is a hit-list of all that we'd like to do while she's with us:

- blueberry picking!
- Letter Writing Social!
- joining us for a friend's birthday party!
- pedicures!
- the beach!

And of course the myriad of other activities and events that are bound to spring up along the way ;)

I love my mama with all my heart. She is my role model and inspiration and a doting abuela too.
We are all so happy to have her and to record our precious time together.

Until tomorrow, take care, give your mom and extra big squeeze and Happy Aba Visit Day 1!!

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