Friday, June 24, 2016

Aba Visit Day 2

Yo yo~

Sorry for not posting this last night -- my phone can be buggy sometimes and refuse to send photos. And what's a blog post without at least one photo??

Anyway, yesterday Aba was a star.
It was a rainy day, so she took the kids to the indoor pool for the afternoon while Dash and I got some work done!
They packed a lunch and even shampoo and such so that they'd have all their needs covered while there. In the time they were away, I indeed completed my script from start to finish. PHEW! Granted, I have to polish it before sending it off today, but all that time a huge help :)

I'd forgotten to list it in yesterday's post but swimming was definitely something Aba came here looking very much forward to doing.

And to thank her for her kind gesture, as well as get some good ol' solo time with mi mama, I treated her to a pedicure just down the road!

I hadn't realized the wonders of pedicures until speaking with my friend A.W.
I marveled at how she could have such lovely, baby-smooth heels and she said that it was all thanks to a pedicure with Modern Nails.

Not only do they paint your nails (all that I'd assumed a pedicure entailed) but they also massage your calves, moisturize your entire foot, buff off all the hardened callouses, and trim/beautify your nail beds and such. An almost hour-long experience for only $25 -- such a good deal and so good for self-care/love/hygiene. :)

Now I have these lovely smooth heels and funky purple toe nails and I'm feeling good!
I'm considering making it a seasonal thing from now on~

Mom was then sweet enough then offer to buy dessert and wine (Dash was home making TRB at this point) so we got to have even more alone time walking to the store and such.

During dinner, Aba told us some stories from her trip to Tanzania back when Uncle George was a Peace Corps. volunteer there. Having her here after so long has made me realize how much I love hearing her tell stories -- be it about her youth, or her experiences as a doctor, or tales that other people have told her. She's just a really good storyteller! And I believe Kathy-neechan has inherited that gift~ Or maybe I just really love being read to overall. It'd explain my penchant for audiobooks, eh? ;)

Anyway, after dinner, we wrapped up the evening with two rounds of of "May I?"

Played with three different card sets: Zelda, 3D cats, and standard poker. HA!

Ella won both rounds!! With honestly only minimal help from Aba. I love the idea of having the kids grow up with cards as an after-dinner entertainment the way we did. It fosters a wee bit of competitiveness but also smart strategizing and makes for a bunch of memories!!

Here's a quick shot of what their card playing looked like yesterday:

'Twas a simple game of "War"

Today the weather should be nicer than yesterday, so we plan to go blueberry picking, run a quick errand or two at CWS, and definitely end the day with Date Night for mom and dad :D Aba is thrilled at the chance to watch the kids for us for as long as we like so we can enjoy a little get-away~

I'll tell you how it goes~!
Til then, take care and Happy Aba Visit Day 2!!

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