Sunday, June 19, 2016

Crafty Father's Day

Hey there~

Firstly, Happy Father's to all the dads out there!
Here in the Dashiell household, Sundays are always a busy deadline day for Dash, so we will be celebrating this wonderful man in the evening with a dinner at El Sol de Mexico. YUM!

While he's been working, me and the kids have been up to some crafting projects that are long overdue.

First on the list was Juggling Balls!!

You may recall that back in Spain we made some but somewhere along the line (I think we were still in Spain actually!) they all went missing ;_;

So this morning (even before church!) Ella and I set about crafting not one but two new sets!

Supposed to be Pokeball themed, but some look more like...

They were made using some globos that Andrea bought for us just before we left at the end of the summer. Crazy to think that these little bags of globos had just been waiting around untouched for that long! And it only took us about 15 minutes to make all six of them.

I filled them with some rice I came upon during the Student Exodus which I knew not many folks would be hip on wanting since it was in an open container. Glad I was able to put it to use here though :)

I look forward to much more juggling now that I have a couple of nice sets to work with~

The other thing I crafted up today were some Fenders for Ella's tagalong.

In rainy weather, when we have the trailer hitched up and William riding in it, he will get mud splatters all over his face because the tagalong wheel kicks up all this water and mud and poor William's face is right in line of it. ;_;

So! I asked the Corvallis Bicycle Collective if they had any splash guard fenders that would fit a 12" wheel, but apparently they are hard to come by.
Instead, the man there (Ron) recommended looking up some DIY tutorials online about making them out of coroplast.

That's right! The material they make political campaign lawn signs out of it :D

I was so happy to know that I had an extra one from my Clothing Swap advertisement stash, so I found a tutorial online and came up with this:

Just wait until we paint it! It'll be both functional and fashionable~!

I'm happy that this little project cost me exactly $0 because the sign was free courtesy of the Corvallis Public Library and all the twisty ties came from those that naturally enter my house through bread bags and such.

I almost wish we had rainy weather just so I could test this baby out, but I have a feeling it'll do its job and if not, then at least I have a solid sense for what kinds of adjustments would have to be made.

The last craft project of the day (so far!!) was a Bicycle Pannier for my friend Karen!

I got the empty cat litter container off the CFGE, had the leftover metal plank from the first set I'd made a couple years back, and the rest of the hardware I'd literally just picked up off the street on my many bike rides over the past year :D

Small package, big potential!

Ought to get the job done!

I hope she likes it!

I think I'll spend the rest of the afternoon sewing and knitting some things that are in my to-be-mended pile.

And then...El Sol de Mexico!! ♥︎

Til then, thanks for stopping by, take care and Happy Craft Father's Day!!

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