Sunday, June 26, 2016

Aba Visit Day 4

Hi again!

Man, another weird night of sleep last night. Got up at 5am (could be worse!) and read a bunch of Bakuman. only to follow asleep again while everyone was breakfasting. Huh. @_@

Let's see...yesterday (Saturday) was our fourth day with Aba. How did it go...?

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my mom is a really hard worker so even though she's come to visit us "on vacation" she naturally has brought a ton of work with her. So truth-be-told, the first half of Saturday was her taking care of some work, which I was actually able to help with too!

Besides her full-time job as an endocrinologist running her own practice, she always has some project or other on the side. When my bro was in Tanzania for the Peace Corps. she rallied a huge local effort to gather and send books to start a library at his village's school...a year or so ago she was creating a tile mosaic for her church (@_@)...this year she's working on patenting a new drug!! I cannot share much about it right now, but the process for getting FDA approval is really something, and so I am helping her as much as I can. Hopefully I'll get to share news about it in the near future if/when it is approved :D

So yeah, the afternoon then consisted of going to a classmate of Ella's birthday party! Jacob turned 8 years old (wow!) and the celebration was set in the lovely Chepenafa Springs Park, the weather was perfect, and I was very happy to get to introduce some of Ella's rising 2nd grade class to her :)

Back at home, Aba held onto the kids while Dash and I took a leisurely stroll down to the library. It's starting to sink in that I will not be seeing him for a whole month so I want to clock in as many hours of quality time with him as possible!!

Dinner was leftovers reinvented, yum!

And it was cool how dinner dissolved into a bit of a math lesson for Ella Rose. Taking advantage of the chalkboard door, we taught "more advanced" addition to Ella which she just gobbled right up~!

Also covered problems such as 18+27, where you have to carry the one and all that ;)

And then GBBO.

So...yeah. Not the most cram-packed day but a good one nonetheless.

I'll cover what we've been up to so far for this sunny Sunday day later this evening~

Til then, thanks for dropping by, hope you're having a great weekend and Happy Aba Visit Day 4!!

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