Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Waiting with William

Hello again~

I don't know if I told you this already but the kids have two different schedules at school that looks like this:
Although Ella goes to school five days a week, William only goes three (M,T, W) and though they start at the same time (8:15), Ella gets out at 2pm, while William gets out at 12:30pm.

That means that three days a week, assuming I'm the one doing pick-up (I usually am), I have to kill time between 12:30pm and 2:pm.

That's one and a half hours.

I opt to hang around on campus rather than go back home, because 9/10 times I've ridden the bike to school, which means it'd be 30 minutes to home and then 30 minutes back to school I might as well sit tight there.

I talked a little about what I do while waiting for all that time back in my Waldorf in the Spring post.
But I thought I could take this opportunity to disclose a little bit more about how William and I spend the early afternoon together.

We'll start with when the weather is crappy.

Depending on its availability, we'll take advantage of having the school gym all to ourselves.
William will practice dribbling while I play on the piano, or we'll nab some books from the front office and read them quietly.

A few times we got to be spoiled by Miss Wendy and hang out in the Golden Roses room where William played and I got to sip tea with her.

We've also been known to volunteer to sweep the hallways which get quite dirty from all the dirt and muck that gets tramped inside.

But when the weather's nice, oh how good it is to hang out at CWS!

There's the various playgrounds to take part in; seeking shade in the woods; exploring the greenhouse and garden; or even climbing the bamboo out front:

I swear, he's suddenly shot up, this kid.

That last one's technically a new addition but one that I look forward to rocking for the remainder of the year and next fall too.

Oh, man.
Speaking of which next year is going to be even more interesting with the difference of the two kids' pick-up times.

William, being in kindergarten, will still get out at 12:30 but Ella's class won't be released until 3:15 @_@

I'm not quite sure what the game plan will be then in terms of pick-ups but one thing's for sure:
I have enjoyed this routine very much this 2015-2016 year, and I cherish all the bonding time it's given William and me.

Well, until next time take care and Happy Waiting With William!!

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