Saturday, June 25, 2016

Aba Visit Day 3


I woke up this morning at 4am over guilt of having not finish my book due yesterday (gulp!) but at least those few uninterrupted hours before everyone else woke up did provide me the time to complete that and the script Dash usually needs for Sunday. So Phew!!

Now to share how yesterday, Thursday, with Aba went :)

After a pancake & bacon breakfast (yum) we all pedaled out CWS and Blueberry Meadows!

By "we all" I mean Aba, the kids, and I -- Dash got to have a relaxing/productive time at home to do what he wanted/needed ;)

Awesome bicycle train at work~

It was great bicycling/picking weather because it was overcast with a slight breeze and no direct sunlight~

At CWS, I got to pick up Dash's snazzy CWS sweatshirt!

The only logo-toting clothing allowed at the school, heh ;)

We also picked up Ella's report card for the year!! :D
Really, it was almost more of an evaluation of her as a whole person, not just marks for each realm of her curriculum, and it was very reassuring to say the least~ ♡ So proud of her!!!!

We took that opportunity to show Aba around the school a bit even though the classrooms were pretty much gutted at this point.

The pictorial representation of what the First Graders' school year was like :)

At Blueberry Meadows, quantity was not the emphasis of the day, so we only picked about 6 lbs. William is on a really strong affection kick, and told me no less than 20 times (sporadically and without prompting) things like "mama, I love you" and "you're the best mama ever, thanks for letting us come here" *_* So...endearing...!!!!

Snazzy harness for holding the bucket helped too!

Back at home, Aba and I got to take another long walk to the bank and back, and then it was Dash Night!!

Again, the weather was still so mellow that we strolled on downtown, hit up this funky little Mediterranean Cafe, and then went to watch The Lobster at Darkside Theater.

I was initially really jazzed about the off-kilter feel of the film...but by the end it definitely left Dash and I more depressed than rejuvenated. BLEGH.

In the meanwhile, Aba had a great time with the kids!
She whipped up an amazing arroz con pollo dish, which the kids gobbled right up...

...with a side of salad too (!!)...

 and some lovely sibling affection was caught on camera too.

I love when Ella read to William!!

At home again, we had some leftover pie and coffee, and then off to bed~

And that was Friday.

Today we've got a birthday party to catch for Ella's good friend/classmate Jacob and no other real big plans besides that~

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far.
Until next time, take care and Happy Aba Visit Day 3!!

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