Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Back from S.F.!

Hi hi~!

So I haven't been blogging for the past couple of days because Dash and I took an exhausting trip down to San Francisco!

As you may recall one of my New Year's Resolutions is getting the kids their Spanish citizenship.
Well, upon receiving the final missing piece of documentation needed for that the other week, we were able to have a successful appointment with the Spanish Consulate! :D

The long ten-hour long drive down was actually quite a treat since I got to talk to my older sis for her 35th birthday, and with Kathy-neechan constructing more of our story.

Things went without a hitch at the appointment, and now all we have to do is wait the long 6+ months for the Consulates in New York and L.A. to verify all the documents relevant so that we can get a Libro de Familia, and then start the process of getting them their Spanish passports. PHEW!

We were able to make the most of our three-day trip (two of which were all driving) by seeing friends and family!

Martin let us crash at his place while he was at E3, and it was good catching up with him Tuesday night before he left. He and Kathy-neechan really seem to be thriving despite (thanks to?) their long-distance arrangement -- he's taken up shooting pool, hiking, and watching whatever movies he wants without having to make sure Kathy would be interested in it first ;D

We also got to see some dear friends/coworkers at VIZ!

The happenin' Hope Donovan~
We ate a tasty little lunch as we braved the blustery winds of Market Street. Woo-ee!!

Awesome Alexis Kirsch!!!!
I had to take this particular shot since one of my Japanese tutee, Ayden, likes Bakuman. and introduced it to me. :) Alexis even gave me Bakuman. volume 5 because that's the one volume our library doesn't have, and which is keeping me from getting to enjoy the entire series!! SO generous, not just for me but for all of the Corvallis community~!! ♥︎

We also saw Fawn Lau and Marlene First and Mike Montesa and everyone seems happy and well. So that was good~

Lovely Lea Eidler~!!

We also got to see my prima Lea!! After meeting her at her work place, we hit up Zeitgeist, a pretty hip lesbian bar, where we got to catch up. Last time I saw her was in February and she seems to be getting along smashingly in S.F. -- living the hip single girl's life!!

You may be wondering "where were the kids during this whole affair?"
Well, believe it or not, they didn't even have to be present for this appointment with the Consulate, so they spent three days and two nights with the Sansomes!!

They're settle right in like one of the family :D

We'd been a bit curious/worried about William, in particular, since this was his first time ever staying somewhere without Mama and Daddy, and he wakes up every single night to crawl silently into our bed some time around midnight.
But would you believe that he never once did that with them??
Dear God, please that pattern persists here at home!!!!!

And another huge thank you to the Sansomes for so generously taking them in and caring for them so long -- especially just before their own big trip to 日本!!

And with that, we are back at home and stoked because tomorrow is the official last day of school for CWS~! More on that later ;)

Until then, thanks for stopping by, take care and Happy Back from S.F.!!

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