Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Aba Visit Days 5 + 6

Hi again!!!

So Sunday was a pretty significant day for Aba because she actually joined us for church!
That's right, a non-Catholic Presbyterian service!!
I had gently (but persistently) prodded her about joining us because there are just so many wonderful folks at First Presbyterian that I wanted her to meet.
She actually caved!!
Evidence that she is, in fact, mellowing out in her later years (for the better??) since I recall her being unreasonably fixated on Catholic-mass-or-bust in our youth~~~

It was a lovely service, Fellowship Hour was full of meet-n-greets, and the walk home was as lovely as the walk there. ;)

After church, we then hit up the Letter Writing Social!!
I love how my mom can easily blend into a given social situation and entertain folks with her doctor and/or Spanish anecdotes and such.
I got to write a letter to Father Paul Drobin, who is the priest who married Dash and me; baptized my two kiddos; and was generally a staple for most of my life. Mom told me he's not doing so well health-wise so I took a moment to write him a note thanking him for the profound effect he's had on my life and wishing him well~

Sunday evening was a very fancy dinner (for the Dashiell household) as my mom bought all the ingredients to and whipped up pan-con-tomate as well as salmon!!
The salmon was prepared with pears and almonds on top. And we enjoyed it with more of that leftover arroz con pollo. YUM!

She even topped the evening off with sundaes and we together all enjoyed the final episode of GBBO Season 3. Woot woot!!

Her last day, Monday, consisted of dropping Ella off at the first day of her summer camps "Circus Camp" through the Corvallis Arts Center.

We did a lot of walking during this entire visit :)

Almost every single week this summer, Ella will be in some art-based day camp from 9am - 5pm!!
I think she will like it and blossom mucho socially and artistically as well~

Ella in her natural habitat~

I had a quick job at LBCC in the early afternoon, during which Aba hung out with William solo style. Love it!!

William looks a lot like me here @_@

We then picked up Ella, drove straight to the airport, enjoyed a lovely Hawaiian themed meal at "Beaches" at the airport, and drove back home with both kiddos asleep (and me too pretty much).

William was in a "mood". I think it was from all the blueberries he's been gorging on~

Today, Tuesday, I am actually leaving for an entire month to be with my twin sister, Kathy-neechan, in Richmond, VA.

I'm super stoked, partly afraid that I'll miss my family terribly, and definitely looking forward to the insane lack of responsibility that I am not quite used to. :D

Bye, kiddos!!!! ;D

 I don't know how much I'll be updating my blog during this time away, since it isn't really about my "life here in Oregon". But we'll see~

In the meanwhile, take care, thanks for stopping by, and Happy Aba Visit Days 5 + 6!!

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