Friday, June 10, 2016

Greek Chapters Run :)

Yo yooooooo~!

So today was a big day!
A day I've been looking forward to (dreading) for the past 6 months at least.
The day I go out and hit up all the Greek Houses on my list to see about saving items that might otherwise end up in the dumpster. So instead I can salvage them to be utilized with great appreciation by local families. :)

Accompanied by my wonderful husband and close friend, Angie Weeks, we were a trio to be reckoned with ;)

We hit up eight Greek houses total, mostly on 26th street, and accumulated all these goods to be rescued from the landfill and redistributed to local families:

All women's clothes -- and we're not even done sorting yet!
Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!
Bedding stuff and hats/scarves/gloves box

Quite a bit laundry detergent!! Considered "gold" by any household with young children :D

Thank you, Sigma Kappa, Delta Delta Delta, and Alpha Gamma Delta!!

The main venue for redistributing will be through the Corvallis Families Gift Economy, and anything not posted/claimed will go to the wonderful Vina Moses. While school supplies (pencils, binders, etc) will go to the Jackson Street Youth Shelter.

Kappa Alpha Theta was an incredible resource -- the facility director, Jen, was so on-point in getting all the move-out kits to the residents and designating a spot in their dining hall for items to be dropped off as donation items.

Yesterday, I was able to pick items from some sororities and it resulted in a bunch of postings to the CFGE page with items to be donated (mostly women's clothes!). This weekend will probably be the same :D

So happy that the Gazette Times wasted no time in getting the story out there so as to get the word out about alternatives to throwing items in the trash.

The challenge now lies in distributing items to families in need and helping some of the houses really clear out the leftovers the residents couldn't take with them.

We live in a society of abundance, and that has been made all too clear in this tiny little move-out effort alone. Let us all remember that, next time we feel we need/want something, we look to alternative sources that spare the earth even further consumption of materials and energy.

Thank you for checking in and until next time, take care and Happy Greek Chapters Run!!

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